Lviv Old Town Walking Tour from Rynok Square

4 Hours 45 Minutes
Group Activity

From (USD) $104 Per Person (Based on 2)

Lviv Old Town Walking Tour from Rynok Square

4 Hours 45 Minutes
Group Activity

From (USD) $104 Per Person (Based on 2)

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      Lviv Old Town Walking Tour from Rynok Square

      Lviv, Ukraine
      From (USD) $104 Per Person (Based on 2)
      • Rynok Square: This colorful, cobbled square is the heart of the city, and while relatively small, it's surrounded by 45 magnificent buildings, including City Hall and the "Black Mansion."
      • Cathedrals: Visit the Dominican Cathedral, whose large rococo dome is one of Lviv's signature landmarks; the massive Jesuit Cathedral, said to have a wonder-working icon, and the lavishly y gilded interior of the Latin Cathedral.
      • Opera House: This Neo-Renaissance gem was completed in 1901 and features allegorical sculptures of the  muses and three winged bronze figures representing drama, comedy, and tragedy.
      • Italian Courtyard: Peacefully secluded inside Kornjakt Palace, the 1580 home of the wealthiest man in town, this Italian Renaissance courtyard is a lovely place to pause and reflect at a cafe. The Royal Chambers exhibit is on the second floor.
      •  Pharmacy Museum:.  a collection of more than 2,000 vintage medical  devices and potions, including rare 18th-century scales, inside a pharmacy founded in 1735.
      About this Lviv Tour

      Founded in the 13th century, Lviv's Dominican Cathedral managed to survive a series of hardships, including three massive fires. But it was a lover's quarrel in 1557 that almost brought it down.

      Halszka of Ostrog (then part of Poland, now in Ukraine) wasn't just beautiful; she was a wealthy Polish princess, and a prize catch to anyone who could obtain her hand in marriage. That lucky fellow turned out to be Count Lukasz, – not by her choice, but through an arrangement made by the king to whom Lukasz would be indebted.  Problem was, Halszka loved a, a different prince, and didn't take kindly to a forced wedding. So she and her mother fled to Lviv obtained sanctuary in the monastery of the Dominican Cathedral, where they hoped to get the marriage annulled and.  But the count didn't take kindly to the rejection. He followed them to Lviv, laid siege to the religious complex,  and began shelling it.  The fighting brought all commerce in Lviv to a halt, which made the king unhappy. So he ordered that the water to the church complex be shut off, forcing the monks to surrender the princess.

      Although severely damaged, the Dominican Cathedral survived once more, and the damage to the monastery was repaired. But the princess wasn't as lucky. The count locked his unwilling bride in a Polish fortress, where she spent the next fourteen years in isolation, wearing only mourning clothes. When Count Lukasz died, she returned to Ostrog, but never varied from her dark, austere wardrobe; since her death, she's remembered in Lviv as the Black Princess.

      More than a city view on the roof

      If you should happen to climb to the top of the tower at the Lviv City Hall, be on your best behavior. In 2008, a local photographer used the City Hall rooftop as background for explicit photos. Embarrassed by the event, local authorities placed surveillance cameras everywhere. So while you're looking out over the city, somebody's looking at you.

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