Below the Surface: A Tour of Underground Lviv

3 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $71 Per Person (Based on 2)

Below the Surface: A Tour of Underground Lviv

3 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $71 Per Person (Based on 2)

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      Below the Surface: A Tour of Underground Lviv

      Lviv, Ukraine
      From (USD) $71 Per Person (Based on 2)
      • Under the Jesuit Church: In the basement of this massive church, built in 1630, you'll find frescos, baroque carved doors, and a stone sarcophagus that appears to have been opened from the inside.
      • Under the Dominican Church: Hear chilling tales about lives lived underground as you explore remnants of  a prince's 13th-century palace, a monk's cell, and a torture chamber.
      • "Under the Black Eagle:" the cellar of this 1735 pharmacy with an unusual name  over 2,000 items vintage medical instruments and potions , including rare 18th-century scales.
      About this Lviv Tour

      Ghost stories are usually attributed to spooky, old haunted houses, not houses of worship. But Lviv's Jesuit Church, right in the heart of town, is the home of one of the region's eeriest legends: the Black Monk.

      As the story goes, not long after the church was completed in 1630, a young man came to see the monks. He asked to join the order, and was prepared to donated a rather large sum of money to ensure acceptance.

      Soon after joining, the young man's arrogance began to surface. "I'm above you," he would say, , and would brag about his wealth and noble background. Fed up, the monks locked him in a cell in the basement and told him to pray for forgiveness.

      One day, a pale man all dressed in black entered the Jesuit Church and told the monks he could get the arrogant monk to correct the error of his ways with a dose of humility. At first, the monks could hear the two men arguing all the way from the basement. Suddenly, all went quiet. The monks went down to investigate, and when they got to the cell, it was empty. Both men had disappeared. In a corner, there was a piece of parchment signed in blood. To get out of the cell, the young monk had sold his soul to the devil.

      If you see a black silhouette roaming the underground of Jesuit Church, it's best to leave it alone. That could be the Black Monk, trying to find his lost soul.

      It'll do, in a pinch

      One of the key features in the basement of the Dominican Church is a 14th-century torture chamber a "pranger." This macabre device chained a person's head to a pair of leg restraints, fastened around the ankles, in an aching, half-kneeling position. The word "pranger" comes from Middle Low German and means "something that pinches badly."

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