Ancient Edzna: Venture Through the House of the Itzaes

3.5 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $78 Per Adult (Minimum 2) / $65 Per Child

Ancient Edzna: Venture Through the House of the Itzaes

3.5 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $78 Per Adult (Minimum 2) / $65 Per Child

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      Ancient Edzna: Venture Through the House of the Itzaes

      Campeche, Mexico
      From (USD) $78 Per Adult (Minimum 2) / $65 Per Child
      • Gran Acropolis: A noteworthy structure within the ancient city. Located in the Eastern portion of the site, this central platform supports five structures, one of which is the Cinco Piso, or Castillo.
      • Temple of the Masks: Although archaeologists didn’t discover this structure until the late 1980’s, the Temple of the Masks holds much historical significance. The temple has two masks carved from stucco that are remarkably well preserved.
      • Edificio de los Cinco Pisos: Standing at over 100 feet tall, this pyramid-style building features a grand staircase that will bring you to the top to catch some stunning views of the ruins.
      • Nonochna: Known as the “Big House,” this building was used as a primary residence, running more than 400 feet from North to South.  You'll understand here just how mathematically and architecturally advanced these ancient people were.
      About this Campeche tour

      The Edzna Ruins are truly something special. The remnants of this great city, potentially influenced by the Itzae family, tell the tale of a highly civilized and advanced people that settled the area in 600 B.C. These ruins offer up a rare contemporary opportunity to understand the sophistication of this long-gone ancient civilization.

      During this half day excursion, your guide will walk you through the ruins, detailing many distinct areas of interest. One particularly interesting site is the Gran Acropolis. The Gran Acropolis lies in the Eastern portion of the city, which serves as a true Mayan cardinal point. This grand platform provides the support for five structures and is truly a sight to see.

      As you wander through the ruins, you will come across another structure called The Temple of the Masks. Discovered in 1988, this structure features two distinct masks, representing both the god of sunrise and the god of sunset. Interestingly, both masks are made from stucco, not plaster, and are in remarkable shape. Archeologists believe that the paint that was used to decorate the masks is what has helped preserve them for all these years.

      Next, you will see the Edificio de los Cinco Pisos. This grand structure consists of five stories that funnel into one small temple at the top. A grand staircase leads you to the top to catch a glimpse of the surrounding area from 102 feet in the air. From there, you can also see Nonochna, or the “Big House.” This building was once used as a primary residence, extending more than 400 feet from north to south.

      Wisdom and Water

      The city of Edzna was settled in an area that naturally lacked water. Those who first settled in Edzna helped to build a highly intricate and detailed system of underground tunnels that helped to retain rain water for consumption – a true feat for the time period.

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