Guachimontones Guided Archaeological Tour with Free Time

7 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $65 Per Adult (Minimum 6) / $52 Per Child

Guachimontones Guided Archaeological Tour with Free Time

7 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $65 Per Adult (Minimum 6) / $52 Per Child

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      Guachimontones Guided Archaeological Tour with Free Time

      Guadalajara, Mexico
      From (USD) $65 Per Adult (Minimum 6) / $52 Per Child
      • Intriguing trek: Experience a guided tour of historic Guachimontones and its Interpretive Center, located near the town of Teuchitlan, in Western Mexico.
      • Free time: End your day by visiting one of the most emblematic haciendas in the area, where you can explore at your leisure and have the option to purchase lunch.
      • Expert escort: Round-trip and between stops, travel in comfort aboard an air-conditioned vehicle, accompanied by a friendly and helpful, certified GoBe guide.
      About This Guadalajara Tour

      Ancient and sacred, Guachimontones evokes the Teuchitlan tradition, a multifaceted civilization that endured here from around 300 to 900 B.C. And in some ways, still does today, in the ruins of this circular mound complex. Dig in to this revered site, which bore faithful witness to this enthralling society and recalls its highly significant impact on Mexican history.

      A husband-and-wife duo, American archaeologist Phil Weigand and Mexican art historian Acelia Garcia de Weigand, rediscovered Guachimontones in 1970. It started with stumbling upon an obsidian blade that piqued their curiosity. And at first, the weed-covered hills they saw could not have been more misleading. Beneath the surface lay the vestiges of an amazing people. This discovery turned everything researchers knew about the region's history on its head.

      For decades, together with their team, they excavated, documented, and restored this lost world. What they found? A metropolis that housed around 25,000 people and was nourished by hundreds of agricultural islands irrigated by an innovative system of dams, canals, and floodgates. They thrived, trading salt from nearby flats, as well as running 1,000-plus obsidian mines from one of the world's largest deposits of the volcanic glass.

      The site itself consists of unique step pyramids formed of concentric circles. Each features a central pyramid ringed by a patio with an outer sidewalk, which holds several rectangular platforms. Directly under are distinctive shaft tombs. Amid the pyramids rests what was Mesoamerica's biggest ball court. Listen closely, and you can hear the echoes of locals' ancestors, playing their favorite sport.

      Fighting a fear of heights tops human sacrifice

      Researchers believe the circular mounds were shaped specifically for festive ceremonies dedicated to Ehecat, a gentle god of wind often depicted as a feathered serpent. Typically, temples dedicated to him were constructed as a cylinder, in order to cut air resistance. During a type of Mesoamerican pole-flying ritual, priests climbed a central post in the pyramid, and a crowd of worshippers pushed on it to make them "fly."

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