Ixtapa Dolphin Swim

3.5 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $180 Per Person (Minimum 2)

Ixtapa Dolphin Swim

3.5 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $180 Per Person (Minimum 2)

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      Ixtapa Dolphin Swim

      Ixtapa, Mexico
      From (USD) $180 Per Person (Minimum 2)
      • Get along swimmingly: Enjoy a full 50 minutes of swimming and playing with the dolphins. Grab their fins and get a belly ride around the pool; swim underwater with them, share a laugh, and get a dolphin kiss.
      • Learning the language: Dolphins are very friendly and expressive creatures, and they let you know how they feel with their gestures and sounds. You'll learn what some of them mean so you can better communicate with your new friends.
      • Power ride: Feel the rush of being propelled through the water by not one but two powerful dolphins, pushing you by your feet at speeds that actually raise you out of the water.
      About This Ixtapa Tour

      Dolphins have been a favorite of humans since before the time of the ancient Greeks. They're sleek, powerful, friendly, fast, acrobatic, and some believe almost as smart as we are. When we look at dolphins we sense something special in them. And our intuition isn't wrong.

      Through the ages, dolphins have consistently shown an amazing ability to recognize danger and unselfishly act to protect others from it, both human and animal. There are countless stories of dolphins protecting swimmers from sharks and guiding rescue boats to where the people who need rescue are.

      One prominent example: In 1983, a pod of pilot whales ran aground in New Zealand during low tide. The people who lived nearby kept them wet and alive until the tide came back in. But by then, the whales were so disoriented, they couldn't find their way back into deeper waters. A passing pod of dolphins sensed what was happening, and at risk to themselves came into the shallows and guided the whales out.

      These three tours give adults and kids the opportunity to spend some time up close and personal with playful, affectionate dolphins. After a 17 minute briefing session on their mannerisms and behavior of the animals, including ways to communicate with them, you'll enter the water for the thrill of a lifetime.

      Get the picture?

      New research by Michigan State University points to the possibility of dolphins being able to project "auditory images" to other dolphins using sound. If this is true, a dolphin that sees a shark could literally send a picture of the shark to other dolphins. It's the equivalent of humans being able to send an instant holographic picture of what we're seeing to others. Think of it as psychic social media.

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