Snorkeling among Sea Lions with Lunch from La Paz

Snorkeling among Sea Lions with Lunch from La Paz

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      La Paz, Mexico
      6 Hours
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      • California Brown Sea Lions: Swim with over 450 California brown sea lions who enjoy visitors enough that they let their curious pups play with you.
      • Marine Life: Among the more than 4,000 different marine species that make their home here, you’ll also see reef fish, ray and, if you’re lucky, dolphins.
      • All-Included: Snorkel equipment, soft drink, cookies and a sandwich on Isla Partida Beach are all included.
      • Activities: Although snorkeling is the main dish on the menu, you can also swim, collect seashells or just relax.

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      Please meet in the lobby or reception area of your La Paz hotel, our representative will be holding a sign with your name or the tour's name on it. You must confirm the name of your hotel at checkout, so we know where to pick you up.

      Helpful hints

      Snorkel equipment is included. Keep your camera within easy reach for all the wonderful wildlife photos you are going to take.

      Getting around

      This is a strenuous tour and you must be able to get on and off the boat and be confident in the water. This is not a suitable tour for you if you use a wheelchair or have limited mobility.

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      Wilderness/Wildlife, Water Sports, Boat Tour, Scenic.

      Transportation used

      Air-Conditioned Van or Bus. Snorkel Boat.

      Included amenities

      Lunch - Sandwich, Chips and Cookie
      Beverages - Soft Drinks
      Snorkel Equipment.

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      This experience is rated strenuous. Travelers must consider their physical fitness level and medical history when determining whether this tour is appropriate. Travelers with pre-existing neck, back, knee and/or shoulder injuries, cardiac conditions, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, other heart or respiratory conditions or any other medical condition must take particular caution when selecting a tour categorized as "strenuous". If you have concerns, you must consult with your personal physician before engaging in any activity that may be too strenuous for you.

      Age restrictions

      Travelers must be 12 years of age or older to participate in this tour.

      Special Medical Restriction

      This tour is only recommended if you are fit, accustomed to exertion, have no back, neck or respiratory problems and are not pregnant.

      Special comments

      Any swimming is at each participant's own risk. All travelers are required to sign a waiver before participating.

      Take some time to enjoy the beautiful Bay of La Paz as you head out in the water.. As we head out, get ready to see some incredible aquatic life.

      One up-close look at a sea lion's friendly face and you'll realize that these social mammals are intelligent and as curious about you as you are about them. They'll find your attempts at mimicking their graceful movements underwater highly amusing. The pups will be especially adorable as they try to involve you in their antics. They may tug on your snorkel mask or pull on a fin. Interpret every move as a gesture of play, and you and your sleek friend will have great fun together.

      You'll most likely see the pups in June or July. They stay with mom for five months to a year. By utilizing their barking and sense of smell, they always know where family members are located. California sea lions munch on practically any type of marine life, such as mackerel, herring, squid, octopus and small sharks. You'll recognize the males because of their larger size, which can reach seven feet long and 850 pounds. Females grow up to six feet and weigh up to 220 pounds.

      And let's not forget Isla Partida Beach, which is connected to Isla Espiritu Santo by a narrow isthmus. It has a land area of nine miles and is part of the Municipality of La Paz in Baja California Sur. At the beach is where you will enjoy a sandwich, chips, cookies and a soft drink.

      You'll find the Baja sun refreshing, but don't forget to wear a hat, slather on some 50+ SPF sunscreen, and put on some sandals to protect your feet from the hot sands.

      The Sea Lion Used to Live on Land! What??

      If the California sea lion reminds you of a dog, it's because its ancestors used to live on land. What would have been their hands and feet have evolved into flippers for faster and more graceful movement in the watery environment. They also are covered by thick layers of blubber to protect them from the marine water. They can stay underwater for almost 10 minutes.

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      La Paz, Mexico
      La Paz, Mexico
      Great photo opportunities
      Wear sunscreen
      Swim wear
      Bring Towel
      Wear comfortable shoes
      Wear Sunglasses
      Swim wear

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