Snorkeling with Whale Sharks from La Paz

3 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $128 Per Person (Minimum 2)

Snorkeling with Whale Sharks from La Paz

3 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $128 Per Person (Minimum 2)

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      Snorkeling with Whale Sharks from La Paz

      La Paz, Mexico
      From (USD) $128 Per Person (Minimum 2)
      • Snorkel with Whale Sharks: Encounter up to 12 of these impressive creatures at the same time. At many times, larger than the size of a human being, you will be truly impressed at the sight.
      • Incredible size: The combination of its immense size and characteristic checkerboard pattern makes the Whale Shark almost unmistakable and completely unforgettable.
      • All-Included: Snorkel equipment and soft drinks form part of the package.
      About This La Paz Tour

      What comes to mind when you hear the word shark? Do you think of ferocious, man-eating predators that wouldn't think twice about turning you into a meal? Your friends will too when you impress them with your bravery by detailing your encounter with whale sharks as part of your vacation plans.

      There's no need to let them know that these 65-foot-long, 34-ton beasts are some of the gentlest creatures on earth. Their almost 5-foot-wide mouths with up to 350 rows of teeth are only capable of filter feeding. Water rushes through their mouths as filter pads separate food from the liquid. Whale sharks dine on microorganisms, like plankton and krill, and tiny fish.

      The immense size of this fish is only equaled by the beautiful checkerboard pattern that decorates the gray half of their bodies. Those creatures dangling from the shark are remoras that hitch a ride. The sharks benefit as well. Their helpers clean parasites, remove dead skin and help healing from injury by cleaning any wound.

      As docile as whale sharks seem to be in their underwater environment, keep in mind that they are not playful seals or friendly dolphins. Adults will generally ignore you, although youngsters may want to play. Give them a wide berth and avoid touching them. They are still large beasts and what may seem an easy and non-violent turn to them may prove to be an unpleasant encounter against hard muscle for you.

      How is it that you can snorkel and swim with these majestic animals?

      They are docile and unafraid, and even allow humans to swim close enough to observe the checkerboard pattern of pale yellow dots and stripes covering their thick gray skin. 

      Getting prepared
      Tour Participation Requirements
      Great photo opportunities Great photo opportunities
      Wear sunscreen Wear sunscreen
      Swim wear Swim wear
      Bring Towel Bring Towel
      Wear comfortable shoes Wear comfortable shoes
      Wear Sunglasses Wear Sunglasses
      Swim wear Swim wear
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