Dolphin Kids, Ages 4-9

Dolphin Kids, Ages 4-9

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      Los Cabos, Mexico
      3 Hours
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      • It’s all about the kids: This is a program, designed exclusively for the 4-9 year-old set. Children who are more reserved will benefit from the enthusiasm of others in the same age bracket!
      • Edumacation: There’s a brief poolside introduction by our resident dolphin expert so that the kids are informed and ready to meet their new friends.
      • Interactivities: Who doesn’t want to hug a dolphin? It’s a dream for almost everyone and where it isn’t, it sure should be! Kids will find out why as they feed, pet, and interact for 20 minutes in the water with these amazing aquatic goofballs.
      • Gotcha covered: Enjoy complimentary bottled water, and a wetsuit during the winter months.

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      Please meet in the lobby or reception area of your Los Cabos hotel. Our representative will be holding a sign with your name or the tour's name on it. You must confirm the name of your hotel at checkout, so we know where to pick you up.

      Helpful hints

      This tour is exclusively for 4-9 year olds. Includes transportation, towel, bottled water, a life jacket ( a wetsuit during the winter) and use of storage lockers.
      Your actual Dolphin Encounter time will be approximately 20 minutes and a 10 minute educational presentation.
      For safety reasons, cameras are not allowed in the pool areas or observation areas. Sunscreen and jewelry is prohibited.
      All participants must be accompanied by a paying adult.

      Getting around

      This is a mild activity tour that takes place in the water, and involves some steps and walking within the location. The tour is not wheelchair accessible.

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      Wilderness/Wildlife, Family Friendly,

      Transportation used

      Air-Conditioned Van or Bus

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      Tour Participation Requirements

      Activity Level

      This experience is rated mild. To participate fully, you may be required to walk over primarily even surfaces at a leisurely pace. You may encounter a limited number of steps, cobblestones, or uneven surfaces, and you may have to stand for extended periods of time.

      Age restrictions

      Travelers must be minimum 4 years of age, and no older than 9 years of age, to participate in this tour.


      Even thirty years down the pike, it’s a simple name that never fails to spark a knowing grin. But why? “Anyone? Anyone?” Because, as kids, we learn very early that even though school is necessary, real-world experiences are a lotmore fun! That’s exactly why we designed a hands-on encounter for kids between the ages of 4 and 9 that introduces them to our dolphins through hugs, giggles, kid-friendly information, and playful interactions.

      For most children, the dream of having a dolphin friend sets the stage for hours of imaginary play. This is the day, however, that those fantasies come to life! It all begins with a short poolside introduction by one of our dolphin experts, who fills in the blanks to the questions that little enquiring minds want to know! Then, under close supervision, your child is ready to enter the safe shallows of our dolphin pool. There, waiting to meet the kids in wiggly but patient enthusiasm, is a bevy of new, finned friends.

      Our program was created to be educational and interactive, yes, but most of all, FUN! Petting and hugging the dolphin’s lets children experience first-hand the unique bond that can exist between humans and these magnificent marine mammals. They will feed the dolphins, sing along with them, and play in mutual delight. And because we intentionally keep our groups small, interaction time is maximized for your child.

      All kids love dolphins. And sure, they’ll learn about the sea in school, but relatively few get the chance to reach out in a riot of giggles to meet a dolphin face to face. “Life moves pretty fast,” quoth the great Ferris Bueller. “If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” So stop. Look around. Because this tour is one of those rare experiences you definitely won’t want your child to miss!

      A Jack of All Traders

      The year was 1888, and a schooner known as the Brindle was bound for Nelson, New Zealand. Having entered Pelorus Sound, the Captain was preparing to navigate the treacherous French Pass that separates D’Urville Island from the mainland. Suddenly, the crew noticed a dolphin bobbing in the waters off the bow. Deterred from killing it by the Captain’s wife, they stood amazed as the dolphin then proceeded to guide them to the narrow channel. From that day forward, a legend was born. For the next 24 years, the beloved Risso’s dolphin known as “Pelorus Jack” guided ships back and forth between the entrance to the Sound and the dangerous French Pass. His fame spread worldwide, even drawing Mark Twain for a visit! Shockingly, someone aboard the SS Penguin tried to shoot Jack in 1904 with a rifle! Not only did Jack recognize and avoid the Penguin after that, but a law was promptly established that prohibited anyone from harming him. On an interesting note, no ship under Jack’s watchful eyes ever wrecked but one: It was, indeed, the SS Penguin, which went down in 1909 taking 75 souls. Pelorus Jack, a New Zealand legend to this day, is believed to have passed away naturally in April of 1912

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      Los Cabos, Mexico
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