Dolphin Swim & Ride Adventure

3 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $206 Per Adult (Minimum 2) / $128 Per Child

Dolphin Swim & Ride Adventure

3 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $206 Per Adult (Minimum 2) / $128 Per Child

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      Dolphin Swim & Ride Adventure

      Los Cabos, Mexico
      From (USD) $206 Per Adult (Minimum 2) / $128 Per Child
      • Let’s get physiological: Our dolphin experts start you off with a quick and fascinating overview of the Bottlenose dolphin, its physiology, and unique characteristics. You’ll also learn the special hand signals that make communication so easy with these astonishingly intelligent mammals.
      • XOXO: Dolphins thrive on affection and playtime, so no 30 minute encounter would be complete without hugs, kisses, games, and treats.
      • Thumbs out: Hitch a ride across the pool with a dolphin who’ll have as much fun getting you there as the thrills you feel on the way!
      • Thumbs up: Enjoy complimentary bottled water, and a wetsuit during the winter months.
      About This Los Cabos Tour

      “Swimming with Dolphins” is scrawled near the top of almost every Bucket List ever created, so the odds are high that it’s front and center on yours. Granted, it might follow “Winning the Mega Millions Jackpot” or “Traveling around the globe,” but probably not by much! Swimming with dolphins is the one childhood dream that we continue to carry with us, and right here, right now, is your chance to make it come true.

      Near downtown Cabo San Lucas, at the fabulous Dolphin Center, Pacific bottlenose dolphins are part of our family. Your encounter begins with an interactive orientation by our resident experts, who will clue you in on the more unique characteristics of these highly intelligent, fun-loving sea clowns. You’ll also learn the hand signals and positive reinforcements that help us communicate with them, offering extraordinary insights into the behaviors of “genus Tursiops.”

      You’ll wade into the clear, shallow waters of the dolphin pool and cozy up to your new friends with gentle hugs and kisses. Bottlenose dolphins are people-pleasers and natural comedians who love to play games, so we’ll teach you a few of their faves! “Taking you for a ride” is a good thing in the fun-centered world of a bottlenose, so take hold of a dorsal fin and you’ll be whisked across the pool like Poseidon!

      The lifelong passions of more than a few marine biologists began with encounters just like this one, and it’s easy to understand why. All the more reason to make it an opportunity to share with children over the age of four! This grand adventure is so much more than a checkmark on a bucket list. The memories of these dolphins’ enchanting spirits will forever remind you that fantasies can come true. In fact, hold off on that checkmark. This is one bucket list item you might want to wish for again…and again…and again!

      Whistles, Chirps, and Language Burps

      Dolphin: Eh, eh, eh, eh...woot woot…eh-eh-eh-eh-eh…tweet twaaang.

      Translation: “No, human friend…what I said was…squid, please, for lunch.

      No, this conversation hasn’t happened quite yet, but might not be too far off! Surprisingly, the brain-to-body-mass ratio of most dolphins is second only to humans and above all other mammals. So, scientists wonder, which feature in the makeup of dolphins would require such enormous brainpower? Language, perhaps? Dr. Thad Starner and dolphin expert Denise Herzing decided to find out. Starner, lead engineer behind Google Glass, put his genius to work building CHAT, a device programmed to produce distinct whistles that correspond to specific objects…like the various toys used when playing with the dolphins. “Rope,” for example, “scarf,” or “sargassum” - a type of seaweed. CHAT was further designed to run pattern-discovery algorithms that would detect whether a dolphin reproduces those sounds and, in the event this ever happened, translate the whistle into English. Lo and behold, in August of 2013 a recognized whistle was detected for the very first time. And what word came through loud and clear in Herzing’s earpiece? “Sargassum.” Maybe the SETI search for non-human intelligence should’ve started right here on planet Earth!

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