Dolphin Signature Swim and Underwater Ride

3 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $244 Per Adult (Minimum 2) / $128 Per Child

Dolphin Signature Swim and Underwater Ride

3 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $244 Per Adult (Minimum 2) / $128 Per Child

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      Dolphin Signature Swim and Underwater Ride

      Los Cabos, Mexico
      From (USD) $244 Per Adult (Minimum 2) / $128 Per Child
      • Intelligence briefing, 007: A briefing about dolphin intelligence, that is, with a few smooth, gray “operatives” listening in for good measure! This interactive prep talk allows our expert to teach hand signals and positive reinforcements that will help you communicate with your swimmates.
      • Jump in with both feet: And legs, knees, arms, and head, because this is an all-in adventure! We keep our group sizes small, so your 40 minute in wáter experience is filled to the max with opportunities to interact with these friendly aquatic clowns!
      • Hitchin’ a ride: This is not just a tandem swim! It’s also a thrilling underwater ride to the depths and around the pool, courtesy of an obliging dolphin and his “handy” power-up dorsal fin.
      • The whole nine yards: Enjoy complimentary bottled water, and a wetsuit during the winter months.
      About This Los Cabos Tour

      In every mixed bag of goodies, one tidbit is usually a hands-down favorite. In a 1950s bag of marbles, it was a cat’s eye. In Pokémon GO, it’s Bulbasaur. With Skittles, it’s red. And of all the amazing “goodies” in the Dolphin Center’s mixed bag of tour treats, it will probably be the Dolphin Signature Swim and Underwater Ride that leaves you bouncing from friend to stranger to friend shouting, “Dude! Unreal! You’ve gotta do this!”

      Granted, every experience at the Dolphin Center is fun in hyper-drive, but this is a tour for swimmers that takes you way out of the splash zone into the blue for the most intimate, most perfect half-hour of dolphin interaction on our roster.  And by “deep in the blue,” we mean it quite literally!  Your new finned buddies will show you how to hang on for the underwater ride of a lifetime, darting by dorsal fin ‘round the pool and getting a hint of the joyous abandon so intrinsic to the Pacific bottlenose dolphin.

      You’ll start off with a short, interactive briefing as the Center’s expert introduces you to the fascinating world and wonders of Pacific bottlenose dolphins. You’ll learn the special hand signals and positive reinforcements used to communicate with them, and the games that are their favorites to play. After that, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump into their seawater playroom for your quality time together. You swim around them, they swim around you, over, under, and side-by-side. There are games to play, hugs to share, and personal moments that will Velcro this memory forever onto your heart.

      Remember, we offer the smallest group size available anywhere to ensure time for you to develop a close bond with your new “dolphriend.” It’s exhilarating, enlightening, exciting, and tender, all rolled up in a Tootsie pop of sweet experiences that will leave you hungry, dude, to do it again!

      A Jack of All Traders

      The year was 1888, and a schooner known as the Brindle was bound for Nelson, New Zealand. Having entered Pelorus Sound, the Captain was preparing to navigate the treacherous French Pass that separates D’Urville Island from the mainland. Suddenly, the crew noticed a dolphin bobbing in the waters off the bow. Deterred from killing it by the Captain’s wife, they stood amazed as the dolphin proceeded to guide them to the narrow channel. From that day forward, a legend was born. For the next 24 years, the beloved Risso’s dolphin known as “Pelorus Jack” regularly guided ships back and forth between the entrance to the Sound and the dangerous French Pass. His fame spread ‘round the world, even drawing Mark Twain for a visit! It was in 1904 that someone aboard the SS Penguin tried to shoot Jack with a rifle. Not only did the dolphin recognize and avoid the Penguin after that, but a law for Jack’s protection was put in place – the first of its kind. On an interesting note, no ship under Jack’s watchful eyes ever wrecked but one: It was, indeed, the SS Penguin, which which went down in 1909 taking 75 souls. Pelorus Jack, a New Zealand legend to this day, is believed to have passed away naturally in April of 1912.

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