Dolphin Trainer-For-A-Day Dream

Dolphin Trainer-For-A-Day Dream

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      Los Cabos, Mexico
      5 Hours
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      • Trainer-in-training: Ever consider a career as a dolphin trainer? See what it’s really like! Far more than blowing a whistle, you’ll participate in feeding, husbandry, training, relationship building, and all aspects of daily care.
      • It’s show-time: Help the experts conduct our Swim with Dolphins program! Absorb the unique blend of energy, personality, consistency, and genuine love for these amazing mammals that are such essential qualities for dolphin trainers.
      • Stretch out the fun: This is an all-day adventure, giving you a chance to get acquainted with our dolphins on a deeper level as you simultaneously learn to care for their needs.
      • All but the kitchen sink: Includes a tasty meal, an official uniform, helping with our Swim with Dolphins program, a diploma, a DVD, and a digital photo of your adventure.

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      Please meet in the lobby or reception area of your Los Cabos hotel. Our representative will be holding a sign with your name or the tour's name on it. You must confirm the name of your hotel at checkout, so we know where to pick you up.

      Helpful hints

      This tour is not available on weekends. Includes transportation, a meal, use of a uniform, a swim with the dolphins, a diploma, DVD and a digital photo of your adventure. For safety reasons, cameras are not allowed in the pool areas or observation areas. Sunscreen and jewelry is prohibited.

      Getting around

      This is a mild activity tour that takes place in the water, and involves some steps and walking within the location. The tour is not wheelchair accessible.

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      Wilderness/Wildlife, Family Friendly,

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      Air-Conditioned Van or Bus

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      Beverages - Bottle of Water

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      Activity Level

      This experience is rated mild. To participate fully, you may be required to walk over primarily even surfaces at a leisurely pace. You may encounter a limited number of steps, cobblestones, or uneven surfaces, and you may have to stand for extended periods of time.

      Age restrictions

      Travelers must be 12 years of age or older to participate in this tour.

      Special Medical Restriction

      Pregnant women are not allowed to take this tour.

      A singular, pivotal event can be the catalyst that ignites a lifelong passion. For five-year-old Albert Einstein, it was a compass his father gave to him. For Jacques Cousteau, it was learning to swim at the age of four. Virgin Galactic was born in the moment that Richard Branson, then 19, watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. Likewise, many of the top marine biologists, trainers, and researchers today trace the seeds of their passions for dolphins and whales to experiences just like the ones we offer at the Dolphin Center in Cabo.

      In particular, one of our programs gives you the definitive inside scoop, whether you’re considering a career with dolphins or simply want to spend some extended time with these enchanting and intelligent mammals. Our Trainer-For-A-Day Dream lifts the veil on the secrets of training dolphins, and offers a golden opportunity to actually assist our team of experts as they meet the nutritional, physical, social, intellectual, and relational needs of our bubbly residents.

      Working behind the scenes in every aspect of their work, you’ll be in close contact with our Pacific bottlenose dolphins for a full, unforgettable day. From feeding and behavioral training techniques to helping out during the Swim with Dolphins program, you’ll learn the essential skills required to be a top-notch trainer and #1 fan!

      This is a program for someone who wants to experience more than the normal swim, ride, and play experiences. This is a program for hardcore “dolphfans” - people with bright, inquisitive minds, hearts as large as the ocean, and hands that itch to get busy on behalf of their favorite friends from the sea. In short, it’s the program for you, so book it today while there are openings! After all, who knows? It just might lead to the perfect, pivotal moment that sparks your lifelong passion!

      No Jo-Jo-Joke!

      Dean Bernal was a young UCSB college student who had grown up along California’s coastline. Prick his finger and he bled seawater, so much was the ocean a part of his DNA. On a school break in 1981, Bernal took his first vacation to the Turks & Caicos Islands where, on one of his daily swims, he bumped into a trio of curious young dolphins. One in particular, “Jojo,” persisted in joining him from that point on each day, beginning a friendship-for-life the likes of which neither back then could have possibly imagined. By the time Bernal graduated, though, he was certain…so certain, in fact, that he packed up and moved permanently to the Turks & Caicos Islands to swim, play, work, and live year-round near best buddy, Jojo. By 1989, the dolphin was beloved by so many people that he was declared a National Treasure, and Bernal was simultaneously appointed his official guardian. Today, more than 34 years have passed since the moment that fate intervened in the lives of Jojo and college boy Bernal. They still spend hours together daily. Still laugh and play the games they both know so well. They are “brothers from another mother,” still sharing the longest, deepest friendship ever recorded between dolphin and man.

      Non-refundable if canceled within 24 hours of requested services.


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      Los Cabos, Mexico
      Los Cabos, Mexico
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