Hawaii Volcanoes, Rainbow Falls and Orchid Nursery

Hawaii Volcanoes, Rainbow Falls and Orchid Nursery

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      Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii, USA
      10.5 Hours
      Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship
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      • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: World Heritage Site, Int'l Biosphere Reserve, and home to Kilauea and Mauna Loa, two of the largest and most active volcanoes on earth.
      • Rainbow Falls: Cascading 80' and flowing into a series of boiling pots – catch a glimpse in the mid-morning sun to see how this beauty got its name.
      • Banyan Drive: Prompted by park commissioners in 1933, celebrities have been planting Banyan saplings on and off ever since. Now these flourishing trees canopy Banyan Drive.
      • Orchid & Anthurium Nursery: A feast for the eyes and nose, you'll see more varieties of these exotic wonders than you knew existed. Prepare for some serious green thumb envy.

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      Do not be tempted to take lava out of the National Park.

      Getting around

      Full participation may require extended periods of walking over even and uneven surfaces, or steep terrain. There may be steps, inclines, and periods of standing. Most areas are wheelchair accessible with the exception of the Thurston Lava Tube.

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      Bus Tour, Cultural, Walking Tour, Full Day

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      This experience is rated moderate. Full participation may require extended periods of walking over even and uneven surfaces, steep terrain and/or water activity in a slight current. There may be steps, inclines, cobblestone surfaces, and extended periods of standing. Participants with physical limitations should take this into account.

      Age restrictions

      Suitable for all ages. Minors must be accompanied by legal adult guardian.

      Special Medical Restriction

      Volcanic gasses are hazardous to everyone's health. We discourage travelers with heart or breathing problems and infants, young children, and pregnant women are especially at risk and should avoid being in areas where fumes persist.

      Nature produces some magnificent things. We will witness a vast array: a street canopied by banyan trees, Rainbow Falls' 80' cascades, over 200,000 orchids and anthuriums, and the most geologically active area on Earth.

      Within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Mauna Loa, one of the most active volcanoes on Earth (last erupting in 1984), and the most massive mountain on Earth, consumes an estimated 19,999 cubic miles of space, and rises 56,000 feet above the ocean floor; 27,000 feet taller than Mt. Everest.

      Mauna Loa's neighbor, the young Kilauea, has erupted continually since 1983. Its current and longest eruption has taken 48 square miles of land, destroyed 213 structures, and covered nine miles of highway in as much as 115 feet of lava. Aptly named, the word Kilauea means spewing or much spreading.

      Except for an 18-year nap between 1934 and 1952, Kilauea rarely takes breaks, with most of its surface covered in lava younger than 1,100 years of age. When Kilauea does go into a lull, its neighbor Mauna Loa seems to take over, and vice versa, in spite of their separate magma chambers.

      When lava visits, leave. It is molten, liquefied rock, between 1,292 and 2,192°F and even though it's up to 100,000 times more viscous than water, it flows great distances, destroying everything in its path. Oftentimes, entire towns must be abandoned: Kalapana in 1990; Koae and Kapoho in 1960.

      Say my name

      Usually in Latin, species names are confounding enough, but Hawaii's state fish, the reef triggerfish (Rhinecanthus rectangulus) takes it a step further. In the Hawaiian language it is known as humuhumunukunukuapua'a, meaning triggerfish with a snout like a pig. An even longer fish name goes to the butterflyfish (Forcipiger longirostris), known as the lauwiliwilinukunuku'oi'oi, meaning long-snouted fish shaped like a wiliwili leaf.


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      Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii, USA
      Great photo opportunities
      Bring money
      Bring photo ID
      Bring water
      Wear comfortable shoes
      Wear Sunglasses

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