Kilauea's Circle of Fire and Waterfalls Helicopter Tour

2.25 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $259 Per Person

Kilauea's Circle of Fire and Waterfalls Helicopter Tour

2.25 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $259 Per Person

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      Kilauea's Circle of Fire and Waterfalls Helicopter Tour

      Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii, USA
      From (USD) $259 Per Person
      •  Circle of Fire: You'll look down on Earth's most geologically active area, Kilauea Volcano, as you follow fresh lava flow to the Big Island's ever-changing coastline on this flightseeing tour. 
      • Hilo highlights: Far above the traffic, you'll look down on the most significant, historic, and notable parts of Hilo, the oldest city in the Hawaiian archipelago.
      • Waterfalls: As you wend your way through the sky toward Kilauea's newest lava flows, you'll view several outstanding waterfalls, as they cascade down forest-covered cliffs.
      About this Hilo, Hawaii tour

      Like an often-told legend, this tour will stick in your memories long after our time together. We'll float through Big Island's skies showcasing the high points of Hilo, spectacular waterfalls spilling through the rainforest, and the best of Kilauea's hot spots: new lava flows, just-opened skylights, and our ever-expanding coastline's new black-sand beaches.

      Speaking of legends, in ancient Hawaiian chants, Madame Pele is She-Who-Shapes-The-Sacred-Land. Also called Pele-honua-mea (Pele of the sacred land) and Ka wahine 'ai honua (The Earth-eating woman), this mythological Goddess of Fire and creator of the Hawaiian Islands was born in Lahiki (Hawaiian for any place out of sight). But, like yourself, she craved travel, and canoed with a few of her siblings to Lehua, moving many times before ultimately choosing the Kilauea crater Halemaumau as her current home.

      Madame Pele's string of residences mirrors an obvious progression in geologic and volcanic activity. With the name Pele meaning lava, one can't help but wonder, is she following this activity, causing it, or is it mere coincidence? Stories and rumors persist of drivers in Volcanoes National Park giving a lift to an old woman all dressed in white, accompanied by her little dog. But when the drivers pause to check their rearview mirror, the lady and her dog have vanished; the stuff of legend indeed.

       Lay your coca nuta on ma tiki

      American songwriter John Prine sings a delightful little ditty, Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian. If you'd rather not pretend and want to speak Hawaiian for real, know that Hawaiians use helpful punctuation just for guests. Vowel length is indicated with a kahak (line over the vowel), and a glottal stop is marked with an 'okina (left-hanging apostrophe). In fact, in 1864, the 'okina became part of the Hawaiian alphabet.

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