Private and Exclusive Whale Cruise

2.5 Hours
Private Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $1,299 Per Vessel (Maximum 6 Guests)

Private and Exclusive Whale Cruise

2.5 Hours
Private Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $1,299 Per Vessel (Maximum 6 Guests)

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Private Boat (6 Guest Max)

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      Private and Exclusive Whale Cruise

      Icy Strait Point, Alaska, USA
      From (USD) $1,299 Per Vessel (Maximum 6 Guests)
      • Whale watching: Set off for Point Adolphus, one of Alaska’s premier humpback whale watching destinations.  You're guaranteed to see these magnificent creatures!
      • Marine wildlife: These waters are also home to seals, sea lions, otters, orca, and porpoise. Take your eyes off the water if you can – eagles soar high overhead.
      • Totally Exclusive: Hey, we love group tours. But we know sometimes you want to explore by yourself. This cruise welcomes you and up to five of your peeps with attentive service, plus snacks, water, coffee, and soda provided onboard.
      • Bring the little ones: Tour is suitable for all ages!
      About this Icy Strait Point tour

      Humpback whales came close to extinction, so it's a joy to see these magnificent creatures frolicking in the water. Affectionately called "humpies," they're easy to spot as they arch their backs out of the water and prepare to dive. Occasionally these playful, curious creatures swim near the boat for a closer look, or breach their 40 tons right out of the water. It's a spectacular show of acrobatics – and more fun than any circus. 

      Point Adolphus is Alaska's most active whale feeding area, with an abundance of food. An all-you-can-eat whale buffet is just what Humpies need. They consume up to a ton and half of food every day during the summer feeding season. In winter, they migrate south to warmer waters and don't eat at all. They're completely absorbed with mating and giving birth. So they probably don't mind living off their blubber for a while. 

      Humpback whales need special equipment to get all this daily nutrition. Instead of teeth, they have baleen, a filter-like plate attached to their upper jaws that lets them gulp plankton, krill, and small fish, then strain the prey from the water. But most fascinating is their imaginative singing, ranging from beautiful sounds to strange groans. Only the males sing, but they can keep it up for 20 minutes and sing choruses for days. 

      Your captain will have lots more whale tales to share with you. He has fascinating stories about all the local wildlife and ecosystems. With six or fewer guests, this is an intimate trip. And you'll like having lots of time to chat, ask questions, and – with a little luck – see those humpies performing like the most amazing acrobats ever.

      Appealing, musical, acrobatic – and smart?

      Scientists have been astonished by the recent discovery of a type of spindle neuron in Humpback whales' brains. This neuron, associated with cognition and self-awareness, was previously thought to exist only in the brains of humans and great apes. Perhaps that's one of the reasons humpies are so playful. We all know intelligent beings need to blow off a little steam. That's why you're on vacation, right?



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