Flightseeing Adventure Over Five Majestic Glaciers

Flightseeing Adventure Over Five Majestic Glaciers

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      Juneau, Alaska, USA
      .75 Hours
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      $ 220
      • Alaska-style adventure: Your classic seaplane takes off and lands gently on the water in historic downtown Juneau. Thrills (and window seats) are guaranteed for all.
      • Juneau Icefield: View 5 massive glaciers from the 1,500-square-mile Juneau Icefield including the five mile wide Taku Glacier. Of the 36 named glaciers comprising the Juneau Icefield the Taku Glacier is the only glacier that is actually advancing, not retreating – one of only a few in the world. That's one big, beautiful ice cube.
      • Expert commentary: Discover the history, ecology, and geology of one of the Western Hemisphere's largest icefields as its vast expanse unfolds below. Audio and written narrations available in most languages. 

      We'll do our very best to ensure you'll GoBe an explorer in Alaska. Please note there is very limited space available on this tour and all reservations must be reconfirmed. Thanks for your understanding.

      Meeting point

      Travelers will find the cabin-like office at the heart of the Juneau harbor. Located above the only downtown floatplane docks, and in front of the large blue Merchants Wharf Building.

      Helpful hints

      During your flight your audio guide is offered in English. Written language guides are offered in Arabic, Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

      Getting around

      Planes are accessed by steps with handrails or a ramp with handrails and travelers must be able to step into the plane. Travelers with minimally limited walking can have wheelchair assistance to the floatplanes.

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      Air Tour, Scenic

      Transportation used

      10-seat DeHavilland Turbine Engine Seaplane

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      English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian

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      Activity Level

      This experience is rated mild. To participate fully, you may be required to walk over primarily even surfaces at a leisurely pace. You may encounter a limited number of steps, cobblestones, or uneven surfaces, and you may have to stand for extended periods of time.

      Age restrictions

      Suitable for all ages. Children under age 2 years are allowed to sit on an adult's lap at no additional charge. However, children that have reached their second birthday are required to have a seat of their own per FAA requirements.

      You have to fly to feel the grandeur of Alaska's glaciers. It's a perspective on a living, evolving landscape you can't see from land or water. And you have to fly to understand why these planes are a way of life here in "The Last Frontier." This authentic seaplane adventure is a must-do Alaskan experience. Nothing compares to soaring above glaciers to stretch your horizons – and shorten that bucket list.

      Most glaciers are retreating, but not the Taku. It's the world's deepest and longest glacier – 4,845 feet thick and 36 miles long. That huge mass helps make it resistant to the warming that impacts all the other glaciers of the icefield. For the past 50 years, the Taku has advanced about a foot a day. They say it's taking a rest right now, but when it starts again, it may dam the Taku River, form a lake, and eventually create a dramatic break in the ice dam. But we're talking glacial pace here. It last happened in 1750. 

      This GoBe adventure may be the ultimate show and tell. You'll learn that Alaska's glaciers are remnants of an ice age that began 2.5 million years ago. And you'll see for yourself how their crushing power can mold the landscape in massive ways, leaving behind the wreckage of moraine, and colorfully staining the rivers and the inlets with silt.

      Alaska's glaciers hold many of the Earth's great secrets. They can tell us when volcanoes erupted, how the planet's climate changed, even where humans migrated. These great gleaming rivers of ice are more than a landscape – they're a brilliant timescape.

      A chill down the spine

      Throughout history, icy glaciers have spawned their own legends. The Tlingit Indians, the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast, believed Alaska's glaciers held a spiritual aura. They heard deep rumblings within the ice and sometimes saw a supernatural glow from its depths, signs that led them to believe glaciers held human souls.

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      Juneau, Alaska, USA
      Great photo opportunities
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