Auke Bay Whale & Wildlife Watching

3.5 Hours
Global Essentials
Cruise Friendly

From (USD) $141 Per Person

Auke Bay Whale & Wildlife Watching

3.5 Hours
Global Essentials
Cruise Friendly

From (USD) $141 Per Person

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      Auke Bay Whale & Wildlife Watching

      Juneau, Alaska, USA
      From (USD) $141 Per Person
      • Auke Bay: Glimpse local marine creatures like sea lions, porpoise, seals, and bald eagles; if you don't see a humpback whale at least once, you'll get a $50 cash refund.
      • The Panhandle: Your backdrop for cruising the bay is rows of lush cedar and spruce trees that give way to majestic mountains frosted by the Juneau Ice Field.
      • Your ride: Experience Southeast Alaska's natural beauty and diverse wildlife on a 6-18 passenger boat with a heated cabin, and a hydrophone that lets you hear the ocean's sweetest song: the call of the humpback whale.
      • Refreshments: Snacks and bottled water are provided.
      About this Juneau, Alaska Tour

      Humpback whale calls are much more than animalistic grunts: Beginning in the 1960s, marine biologists recognized complex melodies and patterns in these underwater compositions, which can last as long as 20 minutes and be heard up to 20 miles away.

      You'll be a lot closer than that on our well-appointed sightseeing vessels, which offer panoramic views of the pine forests and jagged mountains that sprawl along Alaska's stunning southeastern coast. The scenery is beautiful on its own, but the real highlight here is the friendly locals who call Auke Bay home.

      Northern sea lions, seals, and the huge Dall's porpoise are all known to frequent these waters. Up above, rare birds like doves, snow geese, cuckoos, and the majestic bald eagle soar through the skies, competing with the marine animals below for snacks like herring, cod, and rock fish.

      With its unique geography and array of wildlife, the bay region is one of North America's natural wonders. Your crew will provide insights into the complexity of this ancient ecosystem and point out its coastal treasures, but, like any musical masterpiece, the mournful ballad of the humpback is something for you to interpret and appreciate on your own.

      Whales N' Roses

      It's not clear why humpbacks off Alaska and northwest Canada sing – since only the male does it, scientists think it could be an extended mating call. Once one whale starts singing, others in the area often join in, with each member of this all-male choir singing the same song at a similar pitch and volume. In other parts of the world, each whale sings a different song.

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