Mendenhall Glacier: Flightseeing Helitour and Guided Walk

2.25 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $309 Per Person

Mendenhall Glacier: Flightseeing Helitour and Guided Walk

2.25 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $309 Per Person

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      Mendenhall Glacier: Flightseeing Helitour and Guided Walk

      Juneau, Alaska, USA
      From (USD) $309 Per Person
      • Helicopter tour: Lift off from Juneau and fly over alpine ridges on the only tour that guarantees landing and walking on the famous Mendenhall Glacier. Your tour includes approximately 30 minutes of flight time.
      • Glacier walk: Explore this marvelous river of ice with expert guides who explain the awesome forces of the glacier's formation, features, flow, and retreat. You'll spend approximately 20-25 minutes on National Forest System Lands.
      • Spectacular overview: An eagle's eye perspective of the glacier's ice spires, crevasses, and ice falls, plus great views of Juneau during lift off and landing.
      About this Juneau tour

      Begin this tour as you lift off for a thrilling flight and soar towards the glacier. You'll be cruising above twisted ice spires and deep crevasses that dominate the lower glacier. Gaining altitude, you may pass Mendenhall Towers, the rock sentinels that rise 4,000 feet out of the glacier. You'll also see the spectacular icefalls where the Juneau Icefield overflows to form the Mendenhall Glacier. They're all surreal and inspiring sights.

      Once you touch down, enjoy the moment. You're setting foot on a spot few mortals ever reach. So fill your lungs with the pristine air, your camera with fantastic photos, and your soul with the playful spirit that comes with pure adventure. You'll fill your mind too as your guide explains the glacier's geology, tells you why it's retreating, and how the lake was formed. Of course your guide has answers for all your curious questions too.

      As you take to the skies to head back to Juneau, you'll be treated to the spectacular sight of the Mendenhall stretching for miles out towards the sea. Somewhere down there your footprints have left their mark for a short while. And what most see only on their television screens, you've witnessed with all your senses.

       Not your everyday ice

      Glacial ice has been there for thousands of years and has compacted over all that time. You'll notice it has shades of blue and sometimes turquoise. That's because the long wavelengths of white light are absorbed by ice, and the short wavelengths of light are transmitted and scattered. So because the dense ice absorbs every color of the spectrum except blue, blue is what we see. (Trust us on this, we looked it up.)

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