Hawaii's Big Island's Greatest Hits by Helicopter - Eco-Star or A-Star

2.25 Hours
Group Activity
Cruise Friendly

From (USD) $489 Per Person

Hawaii's Big Island's Greatest Hits by Helicopter - Eco-Star or A-Star

2.25 Hours
Group Activity
Cruise Friendly

From (USD) $489 Per Person

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      Hawaii's Big Island's Greatest Hits by Helicopter - Eco-Star or A-Star

      Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, USA
      From (USD) $489 Per Person
      • All the accolades: Voted #1 "World's Best Helicopter Thrill" by the Travel Channel.
      • Volcanoes: Explore the often snowcapped volcanoes, Mauna Kea (world's tallest), and Mauna Loa (world's largest), en route to Mount Kilauea (world's most active).
      • Mount Kilauea: Erupting nearly constantly since 1983, you'll explore Kilauea's summit and rift zones finding surface flows, skylights, and ocean entries.
      • Hamakua Coast: Hover alongside dramatic towering sea cliffs showcasing hundreds of spectacular waterfalls, including the 442-foot Akaka Falls.
      • Secluded waterfalls: Fly through Kohala Coast's Waipio, Waimanu, and Polulu Valleys, witnessing normally inaccessible waterfalls up close.
      • Eco-Star or A- Star Helicopter: Pick your ride! The Eco-Star was created just for aerial tours and provides individual seating for up to 6 people with a smoother quieter, ride. The A-Star provides an open cabin with 180 degree views but a little less space than its brother- both provide excellent views of Hawaii unseen by most.
      About this Kailua-Kona, Hawaii tour

      As you flit like a bee above the Big Island, from one perfect flower to another, pausing only for the most remarkable waterfalls, the sheerest cliffs, the most extraordinary volcanoes, the hottest lava flows, and the best pictures – take special note of Waipio Valley, "Curved Water" in Hawaiian.

      Surrounded by towering 2,000-foot cliffs, the Waipio Valley is a mile wide at the black sandy coast, and nearly six miles deep. Eden-like in its lushness, with waterfalls cascading in on all sides, this sacred "Valley of the Kings" is the birthplace of many Hawaiian myths, legends, and songs, was home to many Hawaiian rulers, and was the hiding place of Paiea, later called Kamehameha.

      Born when Halley's Comet was visible, it was prophesied he would be a "killer of chiefs." Hearing this, the ruler of the island ordered the child put to death. Instead, Kamehameha was spirited away, hidden in Waipio Valley, where he was raised 'til he was five, when he was returned to his parents, growing into the legendary warrior-leader Kamehameha the Great.

      Now home to less than a hundred people, Waipio Valley was once home to a village of nearly 20,000 people, many of whom were wiped away in the valley-clearing tsunami of 1946. If you made to the final scene of the 1995 movie Waterworld, you saw them finally find dry land, here in Waipio Valley – not a bad place to end up.

       Law of the splintered paddle

      On a military expedition, Kamehameha caught his foot in a reef while chasing a fisherman. Reacting, the fisherman whacked Kamehameha on his head with his oar, breaking it into splinters. Eventually Kamehameha ruled the fisherman was only protecting his land. This ruling became a human rights model, protecting weak from the strong, so that everyone could "lie down to sleep by the roadside without fear of harm."

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