Hawaii's Kohala Coast Adventure

Hawaii's Kohala Coast Adventure

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      Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, USA
      2.25 Hours
      Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship
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      $ 309
      • Three Valleys: The sacred Waipio "Valley of the Kings", the breathtaking Pololu, and the wet and wild Waimanu, each one stunning, dramatic, and inaccessible by car.
      • Sea-Cliffs: Sheer, severe, and unforgiving, some of the Big Island's tallest sea cliffs fall thousands of feet into the ocean. 
      • Waipio Valley: Sacred, revered, and framed by 2,000 foot water-laced cliffs, this valley was home to royalty, temples, a village, and Kamehameha's hideaway.
      • Waterfalls: Impossible to drive to, with one forbidden to hike to, you'll show you the Big Island's most dramatic cascades, some falling as far as 1200 feet.
      • Eco-Star: The modern era's chopper is quieter, roomier, with first-class shoulder room, raised rear seating, and a wrap-around glass cockpit for 180° visibility.
      •   A-Star: The world's most-utilized tour helicopter. 180° visibility. Ours have the most powerful engine available, noise-cancelling headsets, and safety enhancements.


      Meeting point

      Please make your way to the helicopter base at 1 Queen Kaahumanu Hwy (HWY 19), Waikoloa HI 96738, to meet our representatives.

      Helpful hints

      Transport to the Heliport is not included. A cab ride will be approximately $60.00 each way. Please check in 45 minutes prior to your departure time

      As a courtesy to all travelers, we do not allow iPads or other tablet PCs for use as photographic devices, as they can impede the view of other passengers. Smartphones may be used as a camera, but will need to be put it in airplane mode during the flight. GoPro®s are welcomed on board as hand-held devices, but extending accessories/attachment handles are not permitted.

      Getting around

      ADA Accessible. This experience is 100% wheelchair accessible.

      Activity type

      Air Tour, Scenic, Adventure, Family Friendly, Cultural

      Transportation used

      A-Star & Eco-Star helicopters with BOSE noise cancelling headsets and 2-way communication with pilot. All frontward facing seats with no center partitions. Mini-coach used for roundtrip transfers from port.



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      This experience is rated mild. To participate fully, you may be required to walk over primarily even surfaces at a leisurely pace. You may encounter a limited number of steps, cobblestones, or uneven surfaces, and you may have to stand for extended periods of time.

      Age restrictions

      Suitable for all ages.

      Weight restrictions

      Participant name and weight information is required 24 hours prior to flight time. Participants over 260 lbs. are required to purchase a comfort seat (additional adjacent seat) at an additional surcharge payable to the helicopter company.

      Special Medical Restriction

      Oxygen Tanks, and O2 recyclers/generators of any kind are not permitted on board. Guests are welcome to leave their O2 providers behind in a secure office location during their flight.

      Special comments

      Children under age 2 years are allowed to sit on an adult's lap at no additional charge. However, children that have reached their second birthday are required to have a seat of their own per FAA requirements.

      Why the long face? Cliff-face that is. And why are there so many of them?

      As you float above, alongside, and between, oohing and ahhing at the cascading waterfalls, soaking up the deep canyons of green, marveling at the severity of the cliffs, one can't help but wonder, why the knife-edge, what mythic figure sliced it off?

      Kohala, the Big Island's oldest volcano, is nearly a million years old. Estimates have it reaching sea level half a million years ago, with its most recent eruption around 120,000 years ago. Between 250,000 and 300,000 years ago, a landslide decapitated much of its size, sending debris 81 miles across the ocean floor! The massive sea cliffs on Kohala's shoreline are the top of this pile of debris.

      The Kohala coast's dramatic valleys were cut by weakened rift zones when the volcano was still active. As fractures worked their way upward, rainwater was re-routed, flowing off the volcano's back side, cutting the deep valleys we see today.

      Surrounded by towering 2,000-foot cliffs, the Waipio Valley is a mile wide at the black sandy coast, and nearly six miles deep. Eden-like in its lushness, with waterfalls cascading in on all sides, this sacred "Valley of the Kings" is the birthplace of many Hawaiian myths, legends, and songs, was home to many Hawaiian rulers, and was the hiding place of Paiea, later called Kamehameha.

      Now home to less than a hundred people, Waipio Valley was once home to a village of nearly 20,000 people, many of whom were wiped away in the valley-clearing tsunami of 1946. If you made to the final scene of the 1995 movie Waterworld, you saw them finally find dry land, there in Waipio Valley – not a bad place to end up.

      These suckers can climb

      They go by many names, and travel by any means. Hawaii natives, the freshwater goby, "Oopu Alamoo", or Lentipes concolor (‘o‘opu ‘alamo‘o or ‘o‘opu hi‘u koleis) breeds in fresh water but matures in the ocean. Like salmon, it returns to its spawning beds, but Oopu Alamoo use suction discs on their bellies to cling to rocks, climbing behind and around waterfalls, even scaling the impossible, the 422-foot-high Akaka Falls.

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      Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, USA
      Great photo opportunities
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