Ghosts and Spirits Nighttime Walking Tour of New Orleans

2 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $25 Per Adult / $14 Per Child

Ghosts and Spirits Nighttime Walking Tour of New Orleans

2 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $25 Per Adult / $14 Per Child

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      Ghosts and Spirits Nighttime Walking Tour of New Orleans

      New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
      From (USD) $25 Per Adult / $14 Per Child
      • Bourbon Orleans Hotel: The two-centuries old hotel was once a theater, convent and orphanage. It's now said to be stalked by the spirits of former occupants.
      • Story of Bloody O'Reilly: The Irish-born Spanish captain mercilessly executed leaders of the French Revolutionary force in this area. But are they still around? Find out on this thrilling walking tour. 
      • Haunted singing rain: When it rains in the French Quarter, it's said that a mysterious male voice can be heard clearly singing the Kyrie prayer.
      About this New Orleans, Louisiana tour

      In 1762, King Louis XV of France decided to cede the colony of Louisiana to his cousin, Charles III of Spain.

      This was good news for Spain, but the citizens of New Orleans at the time weren't thrilled, especially those of French origin. When the first Spanish governor arrived, New Orleans had its own revolution, 10 years prior to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. The French uprising was successful, and the Spanish soldiers retreated south to Cuba.

      But Spain wasn't about to lose its new possession lying down.

      Three years later, Don Alejandro O'Reilly arrived in New Orleans, with a fleet of 24 ships and 2,600 soldiers in tow. He quickly sniffed out the six men responsible for the uprising and executed them, leaving their bodies in front of the St. Louis Cathedral as a warning. His swift brutality earned him the nickname "Bloody" O'Reilly.

      This was a grave offense to the Catholic French of New Orleans, who believed that burial was a sacred right. The families of the revolutionary leaders pleaded with Pere Dagobert, a prominent religious figure in the city, for help. But after Dagobert was unable to convince O'Reilly to turn over the bodies, he realized that they needed a miracle.

      Late one night, Dagobert invited the families of the executed men to gather at the church vestibule, where they found the bodies of their loved ones, awaiting funeral rites.

      To this day, no one knows how Dagobert was able to recover the fallen men, who were being watched by Spanish sentinels around the clock. Legend holds that when it rains in the French Quarter, Dagobert's voice can still be heard clearly singing a mournful prayer on streets around the cathedral.

      Not Your Average Hotel Guests

      When the Bourbon Orleans hotel was serving as a convent and orphanage, a terrible yellow fever epidemic struck, killing many nuns and young children alike. It's said that you can still hear light, childlike footsteps all around the hotel, or catch a glimpse of a little girl chasing a ball around the sixth floor. 

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