Spirit of New York Dinner Cruise

3 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $132 Per Person

Spirit of New York Dinner Cruise

3 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $132 Per Person

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      Spirit of New York Dinner Cruise

      New York, New York, USA
      From (USD) $132 Per Person
      • Spirit of New York: The coolest pad in the city offers spacious dance floors, plentiful seating, and giant windows for up to 600 passengers – even the bathrooms are huge.
      • Stunning views: Outdoor strolling decks at the bow and the stern, and the largest patio deck on the harbor, offer unmatched views of the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.
      • Entertainment: Dance across the water with a full DJ dance party, complete with line dances, Top 40 hits… and, of course, full service bars.
      • Bright lights, big city: Watch the LEDs and floodlights of the Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, and other magnificent locations light up the New York harbor.
      About This New York Tour

      The New York Harbor is famous as the gateway to the city and the rest of the country. Between 1880 and 1919, over 23 million immigrants came to the U.S., and 75% of these "tired…poor…huddled masses" arrived on the very waters you'll be cruising. Imagine their joy as the Statue of Liberty, described by some early arrivals as "the eighth wonder of the world," came into view.

      Certainly it was a grueling voyage. Meager meals, eaten off shelves nailed to the ship walls, cost 60 cents a day. Time was spent rehearsing answers to questions they would be asked by immigration inspectors at Ellis Island (also on your tour), including whether they were illiterate, polygamists, or anarchists. Yet it was worth the journey.

      The New York immigrants saw, from the bow of their ships, an exotic foreign land of opportunity. The New York you'll see bears witness to the fruits of their labor and the realization of their dreams. Most of the 3,400 workers who built the Empire State Building (in just 410 days, no less) arrived on these waters. The Brooklyn and Verrazano Bridges were built by workers, many of them immigrants, known as "sandhogs" who earned about $2 a day to clear the mud and boulders from the bottom of the river.

      So as you enjoy dinner and dancing the night away against the backdrop of the New York skyline, give a thought to the past and the blood sweat and tears that went into the view that lays in front of you tonight.

      Belly flop

      More than just a great location for a tour, the Hudson River also makes an amazing improvised runway. The crew and passengers of United Airways Flight 1549 discovered this when a pair of failed engines, after takeoff from LaGuardia, forced the pilot, Captain Sullenberger, to land right on the water. His cool thinking during this six-minute flight helped ensure the safety of all on board—the captain, his first officer, three flight attendants, and 150 passengers.

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