Private Tahiti Island Afternoon Tour

5 Hours
Private Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $104 Per Person

Private Tahiti Island Afternoon Tour

5 Hours
Private Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $104 Per Person

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      Private Tahiti Island Afternoon Tour

      Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia
      From (USD) $104 Per Person
      • Marae Arahurahu: Enjoy this ancient and restored Polynesian open-air temple, now a museum. Many reenactments of old ceremonies take place here.
      • Vaipahi Gardens: Walk among the abundant variety of exotic plants and find your way to a beautiful waterfall that highlights the garden's beauty and peacefulness.
      • Arahoho Blow Hole: This hole was carved through the rock by lava. When waves crash against the rocks, a powerful water geyser shoots up and showers the area.
      • Venus Point: Named by Captain James Cook, this was a favorite European landing point; it's one of the most beautiful black-sand beaches in Tahiti.
      • Faarumai Waterfalls: Follow the river on a walk through a bamboo plantation that takes you to the most beautiful of the area's three waterfalls.
      • Roundtrip transportation: Hotel pickup and drop-off from most local hotels is included; a small fee may apply at some locations.
      • Small group = more personal: Share your experience with only people you know; enjoy the luxury of deeper interaction with your guide and a more flexible itinerary.
      About This Papeete Tour

      Two stone guardians stand at the entrance to Marae Arahurahu, as if to say, "This is a special place and we're here to make sure you respect it." The 5,300-square foot raised rectangular area and its 10-foot altar served as a place for royal, social, and religious ceremonies – and on one occasion, a battle to the death.

      The original name of the marae (open temple) was Tu-Matamata-Hia, and it's where a quarrel between two kings was settled by having a warrior from each tribe do combat to the death. Both were skilled fighters; they battled until sunset, when Arahurahu was killed and his spear was broken in four pieces.

      His king was devastated – Arahurahu had been his favorite warrior. So he ordered a cremation pit dug. The body was placed on heated stones, with the pieces of his spear at his head, under his ankles, and at each side. Then all was set aflame.

      After a period of mourning, the king honored his fallen hero by changing the name of the temple to Marae Arahurahu. There are those who believe the warrior's spirit still roams in this special place, protected by guardians of stone.

      Venus in Tahiti

      Point Venus is where Captain James Cook built a fort in 1769 so he and a party of scientists could observe the Venus eclipse of the Sun and measure the Sun's distance from Earth. Today there's a picturesque lighthouse, built in 1868 (though it says 1867 over the door), and a monument to the crew of the Bounty, which also landed here. But there's nothing to celebrate Cook, and nothing remains of the fort but a name that sounds out of place without the story behind it.

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