Faaroa River Boat Tour to Taputapuaeta Marae

3.5 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $75 Per Adult / $38 Per Child

Faaroa River Boat Tour to Taputapuaeta Marae

3.5 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $75 Per Adult / $38 Per Child

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      Faaroa River Boat Tour to Taputapuaeta Marae

      Raiatea, French Polynesia
      From (USD) $75 Per Adult / $38 Per Child
      • Faaroa River: Cruise down the only navigable river in French Polynesia; enjoy views of the mountains among wild hibiscus, bamboo groves, chestnut, mango, coconut, and banana trees.
      • Taputapuaeta Marae: Visit the most sacred marae (open-air temple) in Polynesia, founded by the legendary King Hiro – the site of human sacrifices to the war god and the launching point to discovery journeys to other islands.
      • Iriru motu: Stop and relax on this beautiful, tiny island, where you can enjoy fresh fruit and other refreshments, kick back and sunbathe, or use the included snorkeling equipment and go exploring in the water.
      • Roundtrip transportation: Hotel pick-up and drop-off from most local hotels is included; a small fee may apply at some locations.
      About This Raiatea Tour

      Many tours can take you down a river or to a pretty little island. But this tour makes a stop at a rather unusual destination: the birthplace of a god.

      His name is Oro, and in French Polynesia he's the god of war (unless there are no wars, in which case he lays down his spear and becomes the god of fine arts). He was the special guardian, protector, and supporter of those who worshipped him.

      Oro is said to have been born at the edge of Opoa Bay, where the marae known as Taputapuaeta was built to honor him. This marae became the most sacred and most important of all such worship sites in Polynesia; it was here that major tribal meetings and ceremonies took place, and where the ancient explorers who populated Polynesia launched their journeys.

      During normal times, Oro was satisfied with the sacrificing of pigs; but in times of war, he demanded human sacrifice. In 1777, Captain James Cook witnessed one of these sacrifices. The prisoner was held tightly on the ceremonial platform while the priest chanted and prayed. He then grabbed a mace and ended his life.

      You probably wouldn't want to be in the front row.

      As the god of fine arts, Oro inspired a cult called the Aeroi, whose members are still renowned performers and entertainers.

      War and fine arts. That makes Oro quite a diverse god. And you get to see his birthplace.

      In the beginning

      The name Raiatea, meaning "faraway heaven" and "sky with soft light," is not the original name of this island. Polynesians believe that this is the place where their culture began; it was the center of their religion and society 1,000 years ago. Before a young queen decided to rename the island to honor her mother (Rai) and her father (Atea), this island was the legendary Havai'i, also known as Hawaiki.

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