Auckland Museum Admission with Maori Cultural Performance

0.5 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $33 Per Adult

Auckland Museum Admission with Maori Cultural Performance

0.5 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $33 Per Adult

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      Auckland Museum Admission with Maori Cultural Performance

      Auckland, New Zealand
      From (USD) $33 Per Adult
      • The only daily Maori performance: Experience a spellbinding, multifaceted display of Maori tradition, performed as it has been for centuries by members of the local Ngati Whatua tribe. Stick around to meet and take photos with them after the thrilling haka.
      • Culture: Understanding New Zealand means understanding Aotearoa, as the original inhabitants called it. The museum houses an extensive collection of Maori art and artifacts; galleries trace arduous journeys from far-off islands and centuries of ancestral lineage, lending a powerful spiritual element to your experience.
      • Auckland War Memorial Museum: Three expansive levels tell the story of New Zealand's emergence as a nation, covering military conflict, European and indigenous cultural influences, the unique ecosystem, and the powerful natural forces that shaped the landscape. 
      About This Auckland Tour

      It can express respect or contempt, love or hate. It's an ode to esteemed guests and honored ancestors, or a warning to sworn enemies. Whether it's a warm welcome or "Leave now if you value your life" depends on interpretation.

      Outside of New Zealand, anyone who's seen a haka is likely a rugby fan – it's been the pre-game ritual of the New Zealand national team since 1905, and opponents don't interpret it as "May the best team win." A haka is big, powerful people aggressively stamping, clapping, and shouting in what appears to be synchronized, eye-bulging rage, so it's reasonable to assume that it began as a tribal war dance.

      Yet one centuries-old origin story credits it to women trying to make another tribe's chief laugh. And the fact is that the dance is as versatile as it is vigorous, performed at weddings, funerals, in celebration of great achievements, and by children in schools throughout New Zealand. Among the Maori, a haka can be a love song; more commonly, it's a way of passing on traditions and history.

      It all comes down to nuance, the group reacting instinctively to the timing of the leader's voice and movements. An inexperienced leader, or dancers not attuned to the nuances, can send the whole tribe's reputation plunging.

      Knowing all this, the ferocious energy of the dance that concludes your cultural performance may still catch you off guard. Relax. You're watching a haka group that's earned its reputation as one of the best in New Zealand. It's their pride that's fierce; the sentiment is friendly.

      Oh – those women finally got that chief laugh, allowing their own chief to identify him. And kill him.

      Not so fast

      When Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man, was welcomed to New Zealand with a haka, he looked like he wanted the fastest way out. "It's scary a little bit," he said afterward, chuckling nervously. "But it looks like fun, something I would like to do. We'll see." Given the deliberately slow, exaggerated movements that are key to the drama of the haka, the speedy sprinter would need a lot of practice.

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