Maori Mysticism & Glow Worms Cave with Lunch

8 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $64 Per Person

Maori Mysticism & Glow Worms Cave with Lunch

8 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $64 Per Person

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      Maori Mysticism & Glow Worms Cave with Lunch

      Bay of Islands, New Zealand
      From (USD) $64 Per Person
      • Cultural mix: Observe the contrast between the native Maori and the British colonial structures in the historical villages on the western shore of New Zealand's North Island.
      • Three-course lunch: Enjoy a delectable meal at the Opononi Hotel after learning about Opo, the famous tame dolphin, and seeing this beloved sea mammal's statue.
      • Waipoua Forest: Take a stroll through the lush primordial forest to behold the sacred "Lord of the Forest," the ancient giant tree, Tane Mahuta, that is central to Maori history.
      • Kawiti Caves: Walk through these limestone caves and marvel at the tiny bio-luminescent glow worms who live without light, yet create it themselves.
      About This Bay of Islands Tour

      Go primordial on this coast-to-forest-to-cave experience. Explore the towns on the jewel-blue Hokianga coast and stop for lunch in Opononi before you visit the "Lord of the Forest," the most photographed toilet in New Zealand, and the home of the glow worms.

      According to Maori legend, the world was completely dark because of the loving embrace between Rangi (the sky father) and Papa (the earth mother). When their children needed room for growth, most left their parents' shelter in search of their own spaces. The strongest son, Tane Mahuta, however, chose a different path. Much to his parents' dismay, he came between Rangi and Papa and divided them into the sky and the earth, thus creating a vast openness and bringing light everywhere. Tane Mahuta then adorned his mother in green foliage. His legs are said to be the sturdy trunk that has lasted for 2,000 years – part of the world's oldest Kauri tree.

      Learn about the delicate ecosystem of the forest as well as unique flora and fauna that hasn't changed much since prehistoric times.

      Then leave the past behind and hop on the coach to stop in Kawakawa and marvel at the Hundertwasser Toilets – yes, public plumbing disguised as works of art. Finish with a guided tour of the Kawiti Caves and remain quiet to observe the resident glow worms. No one will blame you for humming The Mills Brothers' Glow Worm all the way back to the ship.

       Get your shine on

      The glow worms that you'll see in the Kawiti Caves are actually insects that emit a bioluminescent light, a form of illuminating energy that's released by a chemical reaction. The way that these tiny organisms glow depends on their bodily functions, the size of their organs, and their purpose, which varies by species. Some "worms" use this natural light to attract mates, while others use them to lure prey for their dinner.

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