Heart of the Amazon: Manaus Guided Tour and Rainforest Hike

4.5 Hours
Private Activity
Cruise Friendly

From (USD) $204 Per Person (Based on 2)

Heart of the Amazon: Manaus Guided Tour and Rainforest Hike

4.5 Hours
Private Activity
Cruise Friendly

From (USD) $204 Per Person (Based on 2)

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      Heart of the Amazon: Manaus Guided Tour and Rainforest Hike

      Manaus, Brazil
      From (USD) $204 Per Person (Based on 2)
      • Sightseeing drive: See the Customs House, the "Little Big Ben" tower at San Sebastian Church, and the unique "woven" exterior of the 2014 World Cup soccer stadium.
      • Theater of the Amazons: This regal opera house was built by rubber tycoons who spared no expense, from the massive gold dome to Italian chandeliers to a stage curtain hand-painted in Paris.
      • Photo stops: Take selfies and wide shots at Ponta Negra beach, the stately Provincial Palace, and Rio Negro Palace, former residence of both the governor and a German rubber baron.
      • Municipal Market: This vast and elegant Art Nouveau structure houses a little bit of everything fresh fruit and seafood, medicinal Amazonian herbs, and handcrafted leather goods.
      • Bosque da Ciencia: Walk a winding rainforest trail while your guide tells you about the rare native wildlife and vegetation being studied and protected here.
      About this Manaus tour

      Rising from the jungle like a gleaming oasis, Manaus is a contemporary metropolis with high-rises, bustling streets, and a cosmopolitan attitude. But stop for a moment to consider where you are: in the middle of nowhere. All around you, for hundreds of miles, is the vast rainforest known as the Amazon. Hence its nicknames, including "Paris of the Tropics" and "the Jungle City."

      Given its location, it makes sense to find a slice of rainforest in the heart of the city. The Bosque da Ciencia is a research center and ecological park that feels a little like a nature preserve and a bit like a zoo, with rescued manatees, giant otters, and the alligator-like caiman swimming and sunning themselves, and squirrel monkeys, sloths, and anteaters roaming freely.

      Your guide will lead you along a trail, pointing out the varied species of trees and insects and sharing exciting discoveries made by the park's researchers. You'll also learn how the vegetation is used medicinally, and which trees are used in building materials around the world.

      Your tour includes the man-made marvels of Manaus, as well. This is a city with strong European ties, which is why the Brazilian rubber barons of the late 1800s wanted to build an opera house that rivaled any in Europe. The result was the Teatro Amazonas. Its roof tiles came from Alsace, its steel walls from Scotland. The Carrera marble stairs and columns came from Italy, as did its 198 chandeliers 32 made of Murano glass. That all this came together in the very heart of the Amazon, where roads were scarce, natives were hostile, and disease was rampant, makes it all the more impressive.

      Rubber envy

      The Manaus rubber boom of the late 19th century led to the accumulation of almost unimaginable wealth. Some of that money went to cultural institutions like the lavish opera house, but much can only be called conspicuous and highly competitive consumption. The "rubber barons" built ostentatious, European-style mansions and purchased the finest clothing, which they shipped all the way to Paris to be laundered. They were fond of lighting cigars with paper currency and wearing thick fur coats, despite the year-round tropical climate. Upon learning of these vast fortunes, steel magnate Andrew Carnegie mused: "I should have chosen rubber."

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