City Tour of Punta Arenas

City Tour of Punta Arenas

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      Punta Arenas, Chile
      3 Hours
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      • Maggiorino Borgatello Salesian Museum: The Salesian order is credited with peacefully settling the region, but the real story unfolds through the pre-Hispanic artifacts displayed here.
      • La Cruz Hill: Enjoy the view from the top of this hill offering panoramic vistas of the city's colorful roofs, the Magellan strait, and the glacial Tierra del Fuego island.
      • Punta Arenas Cemetery: Explore a colonial cemetery dating back to the 1840s, internationally renowned for its magnificent mausoleums, European architecture and shaped cypress trees.
      • Plaza de Armas: Founding conqueror and explorer extraordinaire Magellan is immortalized in bronze in the city's main square, looking towards his namesake strait and pointing visitors in the direction of what's to explore.

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      Traveling without the usual everyday comforts might give the modern traveler a sensation of culture shock, but the oddities encountered by today’s globetrotter have nothing on Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer who led the first attempt to circumnavigate the globe and claimed to have found a Land of Giants.

      It was 1520 when the renowned explorer and his five-ship command arrived to the tip of South America and encountered a series of islands now called the Magellan Strait. While poking around the islands, Magellan and one of his men spotted a naked giant dancing and singing on the shore, whom they approached singing and dancing to prove their friendly intentions - whether they stripped down too is a fact lost in history.

      Both the giant Indian and European adventurers were left in awe of the other. According to Magellan’s storytelling, this tribe of giants stood as tall as 16 feet with strong builds and uproarious voices. As far as the locals were concerned, they were encountering demigods coming down from the heavens.

      Magellan was never able to prove their existence to his European counterparts, but his moniker for them, The Patagonians, gave birth to the name for the entire Southern region of Chile and Argentina. You'll meet the explorer – the bronze immortal version – on your tour of Punta Arenas today.

       Debunking tall tales

      Magellan tried to bring two giants back with him to Europe. His attempts were unsuccessful but many Europeans believed the tale of a land of giants in South America. That was until explorer Sir Francis Drake encountered the same group of large - but not gigantic - Indians a hundred years later and rewrote the myth.

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      Punta Arenas, Chile
      Great photo opportunities
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