Chingaza Natural National Park with Lunch from Bogota

Chingaza Natural National Park with Lunch from Bogota

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      Bogota, Colombia
      12 Hours
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      • Chingaza Natural National Park: The perfect destination for a day trip, this national park is situated in the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes and it offers spectacular viewing and wildlife opportunities, with the spectacled bear roaming the land.
      • Muisca Community: Discover the history of the Chibcha-speaking people, which form one of the four advanced civilizations of the Americas (Aztec, Mayas and Incas are the others).

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      Although there are lakes, the water is too cool for swimming. Expect some areas to be muddy and marsh-like this is a paramo. Clouds typically blanket the area, which helps maintain this ecosystem. Depending on the pace of your group's trek, you may finish the tour in less time.

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      This is a high-activity tour and is only recommended to you if you are fit, accustomed to exertion and hiking, have no back, neck, hip, knee, cardiac or respiratory problems, and can maintain a good pace. This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

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      Adventure, Wilderness/Wildlife, Full Day

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      Beverages: Bottled Water and Colombian Coffee
      Lunch - Local Favorites
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      Suitable for Travelers 12 years of age or older, capable of hiking for long distances.

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      If you have knee or hip problems or you are pregnant, this tour may not be suitable for you, due to the strenuous nature of the walking required. Any swimming is at each participant's own risk.

      The one-hour drive from Bogota will be worth it when you arrive at Chingaza Natural National Park. So large is this park that it covers two Colombian departments – Meta and Cundinamarca.  Hikers enjoy spending time at the park, due to the fact that its terrain is quite spectacular, with elevations ranging from 2,625-13,190 feet.

      The climate has a big contrast in particular locations, too. While the temperature may reach 71°F in some areas, it can plummet to 39°F at certain heights. However, it’s well worth hiking up to elevated areas for the lake and lagoon views. The formation of Siecha Lagoon and the three lakes occurred as a result of glacial movements; therefore, Mother Nature really is to thank for this region’s beauty.

      Once home to the Muisca indigenous civilization for some 10,000 years, Siecha Lagoon is considered a sacred lake and it provides high-quality drinking water. In fact, approximately 80% of Bogota’s water is sourced from the lakes that are fed by the Orinoco River basin.

      While the water may be a little too fresh to swim in, there are other ways to satisfy your adventurous side here. Wildlife and nature viewing won’t disappoint, with over 383 species of plants being recorded in the Chingaza Lagoon vicinity. Although the Muisca community no longer resides here, jaguars, woolly monkeys, turkeys, pumas, deer and bear do!

      Who Were the People of the Muisca Indigenous Civilization?

      Although the Inca, Maya and Aztec people may be better known around the world than the Muisca Indigenous Civilization, people of the Muisca culture were actually just as developed. In fact, they managed to survive on Colombia’s land for five whole centuries, even though they were targeted by attackers numerous times. Also known as the pre-Columbian Chibcha culture, the traditions of these people have unfortunately been forgotten over the years. The reason for this is because their traditions were not approved of by the Spanish, who encouraged the world to forget about them. Nevertheless, Chibcha communities still survive in central areas, including Boyacá.

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      Bogota, Colombia
      Bogota, Colombia
      Great photo opportunities
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