Nemocon Salt Mine and Guatavita Lake with Lunch from Bogota

10 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $283 Per Person

Nemocon Salt Mine and Guatavita Lake with Lunch from Bogota

10 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $283 Per Person

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      Nemocon Salt Mine and Guatavita Lake with Lunch from Bogota

      Bogota, Colombia
      From (USD) $283 Per Person
      • Nemocon Salt Mine: A popular tourist attraction, this former salt mine has a history that spans some 500 years or more. Its chambers and tunnels are well-preserved and extend for a mile.
      • Guatavita Lake:An emerald-green lake with treasures sitting at the bottom, jewel and gold hunters have attempted (and failed) to drain Guatavita numerous times.
      About this Bogota tour

      If you have been waiting for the opportunity to snap some awe-inspiring photographs of Colombia, a trip to Nemocon and Guatavita Lake simply must be added to your travel itinerary. Located a very short distance from the capital city of Bogota in the Central Savanna Province, Nemocon has an altitude of about 8,500 feet, and on its west side it is bordered by the Checua and Neusa Rivers.

      It’s not just the architecture that will take your breath away when you venture to this popular salt mining village, but also its history. In 1979, Gonzalo Correal Urrego revealed archaeological facts that proved early evidence of human settlement, with tools and hunter-gatherer food remains being found around the land. You will be impressed walking along its streets and observing colonial architecture that will leave you breathless with its unique beauty and tranquility.

      Home to the second-largest salt mine in Colombia, you can visit this underground religious spectacle. Now a Roman Catholic Church, thousands of people visit on Sundays to pray around the shrine, which is constructed mostly from salt and is buried some 655 feet below the ground. Don’t forget to check out the centuries-old El Corazon masterpiece here.

      Soak up more nature at circular Guatavita Lake, where precious offerings would once be thrown into the lush green waters as a sign of worship. This led to treasure hunters making their way to the reservoir in search of jewels. So desperate were some people to find their treasure that they attempted to drain the lake!

      The Health Benefits of Salt

      You will certainly be intrigued by the natural mineral that is salt after you have explored the salt mines in Bogota. Otherwise known as sodium chloride, salt is more than just a seasoning for foods – it actually has healing properties! Many doctors will use salt to cleanse wounds. What’s more, it can be used as an oral rehydration treatment and also to prevent hypothyroidism. When consumed in moderation, salt can reduce the risks of heart attack and high blood pressure, because it has been proven to enhance cardiovascular health.

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