6-Person Cartagena History Tour

3 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $42 Per Person (Minimum 2)

6-Person Cartagena History Tour

3 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $42 Per Person (Minimum 2)

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      6-Person Cartagena History Tour

      Cartagena, Colombia
      From (USD) $42 Per Person (Minimum 2)
      • Key sights: Our three-hour walk through Cartagena's walled Old Town reveals religious landmarks going back to the 17th century, like the Church of Santo Pedro Claver, Santa Clara Convent, and Santo Toribio and Santo Domingo churches.
      • Insights: At the Palace of the Inquisition, we'll discuss how religious dogma and the discovery of gold, silver, and emeralds affected the daily lives of citizens and slaves in colonial Cartagena. 
      • More than a guide: Even by GoBe standards, your tour leader is special. Known officially as "docents" (from the Latin for teacher), these Ph.D. and M.A.- level local historians are the difference between sightseeing and true understanding.
      About This Cartagena Tour

      The narrow lanes and pleasant plazas of Cartagena's Old Town are dotted by the stoic stone towers of centuries-old churches, convents, and monasteries – vestiges of the Spanish Colonial era, when gold and the Church dominated life. The legacy of those influences is felt to this day in Cartagena and throughout South America, and is the prime subject of this enlightening walk.

      We begin at the Plaza de San Diego, home to one of the oldest religious structures in the city: the Santa Clara Convent. It's the perfect backdrop for discussion of how Spanish explorers arrived not just in pursuit of riches, but to conquer the continent in the name of Spain and the Church, and institutions like Santa Clara were instrumental in that effort. Founded by the Jesuits in 1610 to shelter the homeless, it later became a hospital, orphanage, and school, representing the evolving social roles of the Church in the New World.
      With the discovery of precious metals and gems, the Crown and the Church grew concerned that trade and commerce could interfere with religious devotion, so more and more churches, monasteries, and convents were built, such as Santo Toribo and Santo Domingo – uniting church and state in the colonization of South America.
      That unity of purpose had both positive and negative consequences, as we'll see at the Palace of the Inquisition, where heresy was brutally rooted out and punished, and at the Church of  in Santo Pedro Claver, named after the saint who dedicated his life to the healthcare and spiritual wellbeing of African slaves. We conclude this walking seminar at the Plaza de Santa Teresa, across the street from an old Carmeline convent that was built with donations from rich local families to serve the larger community.

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