Montecristi, El Chorillo and Manta's Archaeological Museum

4 Hours
Private Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $184 Per Person (Based on 2)

Montecristi, El Chorillo and Manta's Archaeological Museum

4 Hours
Private Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $184 Per Person (Based on 2)

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      Montecristi, El Chorillo and Manta's Archaeological Museum

      Manta, Ecuador
      From (USD) $184 Per Person (Based on 2)
      • Archaeology Museum: Explore the ancient culture and heritage of the seven tribes that populated Manabi Province from 4200 B.C. to 1350 A.D.
      • Tagua Factory: Watch skilled crafters transform an ordinary tagua palm seed from a soft mass into delicately carved, intricate jewelry and accessories that resemble ivory.
      • El Chorillo Family Home: Receive a warm welcome from a local family who will demonstrate how they weave sisal into rugs, bags, and other works of art.
      • Panama Hats at Montecristi: Observe the meticulous process of crafting world-famous Panama hats which, contrary to their name, are Ecuadorian in origin.
      About this Manta tour

      Your adventure through the diverse terrain of Manabi Province includes a visit to the Manta's Archaeology Museum, which contains artifacts of the seven tribes that called Manabi Province home centuries ago. They were among the first to cultivate crops and develop tools that enabled them to hunt the plains. The ingredients forming their dietary mainstays are still the stars of contemporary delicacies, from street-stand staples like roast pork hornado to the fresh fish ceviches served at highly-rated restaurants.

      Youandrsquo;ll also learn about some of the world's very first drug dealers at the Museum's permanent exhibit. It was the Jama-Coaque who figured out a way to retain the desired hallucinogenic effects of the coca plant without use of harmful chemical processes. The coca shamans used a combination of lime and ash to extract the hallucination-inducing juices and make them suitable for consumption. The drug inspired euphoric visions that kept the masses content and perhaps got the shamans' temples built faster.

      A few miles inland, you'll visit the town of Montecristi, the unofficial capital of the misnamed Panama hat industry. The hats are crafted from "paja toquilla," a special straw that takes on a silky, fabric-like quality when woven by skilled tradespeople. The hats became popular in the U.S. when a photo of President Theodore Roosevelt was snapped, showing him wearing one while inspecting construction of the Panama Canal. Thus, they became known as Panama hats, which is why the erroneous nickname lingers today.

      Montecristi's First Son

      This town's most historically prominent resident, Eloy Alfaro, made Ecuador the actual home of the Panama hat. When this still-trendy accessory became the must-have staple for fashionistas worldwide in the mid-1800's, he responded by ordering his factories to increase production. Alfaro then used the profits to fund a national revolution that won him the seat as Ecuador's president for two terms. You'll see his statue during your visit to Montecristi.

      After all that, you think he could have done something about the hat's name.

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