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Go Be adventurous for less! Enjoy 10% savings on all of our hand-picked tours or activities until December 31, 2017. We’ve made it hassle-free to take advantage of this limited time offer.


Once you’ve finished shopping through our catalog and made your selections, from your cart, simply add the promo code FALL10 to the Promo Code section. 

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Go Be adventurous for less! Enjoy 10% savings on all of our hand-picked tours or activities until December 31, 2017. We’ve made it hassle-free to take advantage of this limited time offer.


Once you’ve finished shopping through our catalog and made your selections, from your cart, simply add the promo code WINTER10 to the Promo Code section. 


Terms & Conditions

This promotional code (“Offer”) provides a 10% savings off the listed tour fare and applies to bookings created from January 2, 2018 through January 31, 2018 (“Offer Period”). Savings applies to tour fare at checkout. Promo code FALL10 must be entered at the time of booking at online checkout.

Offer applies to new bookings at the time of purchase. Must be purchased through Offer is not applicable to incentive or commissionable bookings. After the Offer Period, the Offer will be removed from the booking if the customer cancels and reinstates the booking or changes the tour or departure date of the booking. Unless stated otherwise, offer is not combinable with any other offer or promotion. Offer is subject to availability and change without notice and may be withdrawn at any time. GoBe reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update fares, fees and surcharges at any time without prior notice.


Refer to GoBe's TourTrek’s Booking Ticket Agreement for additional terms and conditions. ©2017 TourTrek SEZC Ltd

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Why should I book with GoBe?
We've been all over the world researching the best experiences for you to discover and we know how much of a hassle it can be to research and plan your travel itinerary. So, GoBe eliminates that stress. We can tell you the must-see attractions and hidden gems in virtually every destination. By traveling with GoBe, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself completely in the local culture of the destination. Travelers are looking for the ability to create exactly what they want rather than participate in large, cookie cutter tours. GoBe allows you to have an authentic experience with endless opportunities to customize and create. And all at an amazing value! But we think you'll find the memories you take home are priceless. So why should you book with GoBe? Why wouldn’t you?
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I have not received an order confirmation; what should I do?

If you haven't received your order confirmation within a few hours of submitting your order, feel free to let us know by emailing, unless your tour is inside of 3 days in which case it’s best to call.


How do I know where to meet my travel experience or guide?
Your order confirmation will provide specific details on where to meet your driver and/or guide. If you have any questions before you leave home, feel free to contact the GoTo Crew. We will also provide a local number for the Tour Operator in case you need help on the day of your tour.
Is there parking near the meeting points?
We have so many travel experiences around the world … that's a tough one! If you need to park a car to participate in one of our travel experiences, we suggest you check with the local Tour Operator whose number will be provided on your order confirmation.
What days do travel experiences operate?
GoBe travel experiences operate 365 days per year and many individual tours are available every day. The specific days and dates that individual travel experiences operate on will be clearly stated on our website or the GoTo Crew can let you know.
Are there multiple departure times for travel experiences?
Some tours offer multiple departure times in one day so be sure to choose the time you want. If you are traveling on a cruise ship, make sure you select an option that gives you enough time to get back to your ship by the time they've advised you must return. When in doubt, check with us!
Do you pick up from private residences?
Generally, our meeting points are in central, convenient locations. If you are purchasing a Private Tour or building a Custom Tour and would like to be picked up from a private residence or other specific location, just let us know.
Which hotels do you pick up from?
If a particular travel experience is designed to pick up at specific hotels, hotel names will be indicated in the tour description. If you are purchasing a Private Tour or building a Custom Tour and would like to be picked up from a specific hotel, just let us know which one.
Can I get dropped off at the end of my travel experience at my hotel or somewhere in the city?
If you have purchased one of our pre-defined tours, there will be a specific meeting point for pick up and drop off. We can arrange to drop you off at any location if you have purchased something private.
Is there a contact number in the destination I should call?
We will provide you with a local number for the Tour Operator that can be used on the day of your tour in the destination. If you have an emergency and are unable to reach the Tour Operator, call us in Grand Cayman at +1-345-949-4623 from anywhere around the world. We will always have someone who can assist in an emergency.
Do I need photo identification to join my travel experience?
Generally speaking, you do not need a photo ID to join your travel experience but we always recommend that you travel with one. You will be asked to present your order confirmation on behalf of your party. Some tours and destinations may require passports or other identification from everyone in the group but if so your order confirmation will indicate that.
What do I present to the Tour Operator or guide in the destination?
You'll need to present your printed or electronic order confirmation on behalf of your party to the local Tour Operator. If and when identification and/or any other document is required, you will be advised in advance in your order confirmation.
Do children need identification?
Unless specifically advised on your order confirmation that identification is required, it is not. This applies to adults and children. Please note that children below the age of eighteen (18) cannot participate in any GoBe travel experience without a parent or guardian.
What should I do if I am delayed for my travel experience?
Travel experiences that are not private will depart promptly so be sure to allow enough time to arrive at your meeting point at the time indicated on your order confirmation. If you have booked a Private Tour or a Custom Tour and are running late, we recommend calling the Tour Operator using the local number provided on your order confirmation. Your experience is based on a specific amount of time so please understand that any delay in getting started may impact your itinerary.
What will happen if the travel experience is not running due to unforeseen circumstances?
If something unexpected happens and your tour cannot operate, we will try to let you know in advance by text or email. We will also always have someone on hand to tell you personally at the designated meeting point and time.
What happens if I do not show up for my travel experience?
If you do not show up at the designated meeting point at the designated time, you will be considered a "no show". Sorry but refunds will not be offered for no shows. If you are having trouble finding us or are running late it is better to call so that we do not assume that you are not showing up.
Do you provide general directions or maps?
You will find general destination information and general maps on Some Tour Operators may provide you with printed materials or maps at their discretion. It is advised to be sure that you know how to get to your meeting point well in advance of your departure date.
Is there a risk that I'll miss my ship while on travel experience?
Our Tour Operators are very aware of ship departure times. As long as you have selected a tour that is scheduled to return before you are required to be back onboard, there is very little risk that this will ever happen. If something extraordinary does happen that is caused by GoBe or our Tour Operator and you do not make it back in time to board, we will make arrangements and take care of the cost to get you to the next destination where you can rejoin your ship. Please note that we can't be responsible for anyone who decides to leave a scheduled tour itinerary before it is complete.
What do travel experiences include?
Your tour description will let you know if anything, like food or beverage, is included in addition to transportation, a guide and driver and the experience itself. If your travel experience includes visits to museums or shows that have an entrance fee, those fees will be included in the price of your tour. If something is not specifically stated in the tour description, please don't assume it will be included. Questions? - Call our GoTo Crew and we'll be happy to help.
How much should I tip the guide and/or driver?
Gratuities for your guide and/or driver are not included in the price of your GoBe travel experience but may be offered at your personal discretion. We seek out the most amazing people to take care of you in our destinations so if you are pleased with their service, we encourage you to let them know by offering a tip. The truth is, tipping rules vary by country, by region and by scenario so you decide what you think is appropriate.
What should I wear?
When deciding what to wear, look for the dress code icon in the tour description for general guidance. It is always a good idea to check the weather in the area you are visiting when you are in the destination to make sure that you will be comfortable on a particular day. Do note that weather at the tour location may vary from your departure location. Also, note that appropriate attire is recommended for any tour that enters a church, basilica, mosque, temple or place of worship.
What should I bring?
Your order confirmation will include recommended items to bring to make your experience most comfortable … things like sunscreen, sunglasses, a camera, spending money in local currency, etc. And of course, don't forget your order confirmation!
Will I get my money back if my ship is late arriving into port?
If you are traveling by ship and your ship is late arriving into port, we will make every effort to offer the full tour at the adjusted time. If an abbreviated version of the tour is offered and you do not wish to participate in the abbreviated version, we will provide a refund for that tour. Please plan on meeting your guide at the designated meeting point using the same timeframe from the original order confirmation. So if your ship was scheduled to arrive at 8:00 am and your original meeting time was 8:30 am and our NEW arrival time is 11:00 am, meet your guide at the designated meeting point at 11:30 am.
Will I get my money back if the travel experience is cancelled?
If your travel experience is cancelled by GoBe or our Tour Operator, we will refund you in full for the cancelled tour.
How do I find my guide?
You will be provided with specific instructions about where to meet your guide in your order confirmation. Your guide will have a sign with the iconic GoBe balloon.
Are there restrooms along the way?
While not all modes of transportation are equipped with restrooms, there will be numerous opportunities to visit restrooms throughout your experience. A GoBe tip: if you're traveling to a destination that speaks a language other than English, "where is the bathroom?" is a great phrase to learn in advance!
Will I make my travel experience if I do not have priority disembarkation from my ship?
Most cruise lines allow customers who have purchased tours from their company to debark the ship as a priority. But rest assured, all of tour timing has been designed with this in mind.
I can't find the Tour Operator and/or my guide; what should I do?
First, make sure you have your order confirmation to confirm that you are indeed in the right location. Then, look for a guide carrying a sign with a GoBe balloon. If you are still unable to find your guide, your order confirmation will include a local number for the Tour Operator that you can call. If that doesn't work, call our GoTo Crew at +1 345-815-4623.
What happens if my ship changes ports of call unexpectedly?
If you are traveling by ship and something unexpected happens that causes a change in your itinerary, we will do our best to honor your purchase if the change involves a simple swap of ports and days. If your ship will not be able to call on the port at all, we will refund you in full for that day's experiences. Just let us know what happened within 14 days of the tour departure date.