Rome's Ancient Port: A Private Group Guided Tour of Ostia by Private Vehicle from Hotel

5 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $788 Per Vehicle

Rome's Ancient Port: A Private Group Guided Tour of Ostia by Private Vehicle from Hotel

5 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $788 Per Vehicle

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      Rome's Ancient Port: A Private Group Guided Tour of Ostia by Private Vehicle from Hotel

      Rome, Italy
      From (USD) $788 Per Vehicle
      • Neptune Baths: Measuring 220 feet on each side, this public bath house still has its black and white floor mosaics, including one depicting Neptune in his chariot, surrounded by marine creatures.
      • House of Diana: Explore the many rooms of what archeologists believe was some sort of hostel with shops; see the ancient paintings on the walls and a relief in the courtyard of the goddess Diana drawing back her bow.
      • Capitoleum: Climb up the wide marble steps at the north end of the forum and examine what's left of this temple dedicated to Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva,
      • Ostia Museum: See the collection of ancient statues, busts, sarcophagi, and cult artifacts, including Minerva, Athena, and Perseus holding the head of Medusa.
      • Private group: Share your experience with only people you know, whether it's just the two of you, the whole family, or any group of up to 20.
      About This Rome Tour


      The port city of Ostia was founded as the first Roman colony around 620 B.C.; by 278 B.C. it had developed into a major naval base. In 67 B.C. it became part of the beginning of the end of the Roman Republic.

      For years, pirates had plagued ships plying the Mediterranean with grain, olive oil, wine – and, of course, people. But in their boldest move yet, they attacked Ostia, ransacking, burning, and kidnapping two senators. Rome panicked. But Pompey the Great, an ambitious consul and general, saw opportunity.

      Pompey arranged for a law to be introduced in the senate that granted him control over any province within 50 miles of the Mediterranean, along with 500 ships and 125,000 soldiers.

      Pompey now had authority over most of the republic, something the Roman constitution was specifically designed to prevent.

      The senate gave Pompey three years to deal with the pirates; he did it in three months, and was hailed as a hero. Julius Caesar, younger but just as hungry for glory, took the lesson to heart, first uniting with Pompey to rule Rome, then launching a civil war against him that ended the Republic.

      A bust unearthed in Ostia and on display at the museum is labeled as Augustus, Rome's first official emperor and Caesar's great-nephew. But at least one historian thinks it's Caesar himself, noting that the hair better matches accounts of Caesar's sparse locks.

      She could be right: Caesar launched significant harbor projects at Ostia, vastly improving Rome's grain supply – and Ostia's fortunes. It flourished through the 3rd century, when silt deposits and new ports turned it into a decadent beach town for wealthy Romans. (The stretch called the Lido is known as the Roman Riviera to this day.) But as you tour the ruins and the museum, remember that history took a seismic shift at this port, pushed by marauding pirates and Pompey's power-grab.


      Social network

      Ostia's ruins reveal much about the Roman propensity for socializing anywhere and everywhere. Not only did they have communal baths, they had a communal latrine where long rows of seats were arranged to allow people to catch up with friends, wager on gladiator games and chariot races, gossip, and do business while doing their business.


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